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GIVI KAPPA Motorcycle Cases, Luggage, Accessories, Engine Guards and more. Whether you plan to go across town, or cross the country, we are sure you will appreciate the usefulness and value of each and every one of the products we offer. Africa Twin Soft Luggage' title='Africa Twin Soft Luggage' />GPS4Africa is the No1 stockist of adventure motorcycle accessories, including GPS, GPS Mounts, Garmin, ATG, SWMotech, Rider Apparel, Action Cameras and Panniers. Description for protea superior room with twin size XL beds on request as honeymoon room open plan bathroom with rainshower, bath, double basin and. Honda Africa Twin vs. KTM 1. 09. 0 Adventure RThe Golden State of California took on new meaning this past spring thanks to a superbloom of wildflowers after winter rains soaked the drought parched mountains and valleys. Were riding through the Carrizo Plain National Monument on two of the latest liter class adventure bikes, the KTM 1. NOT THIS AGAIN. Yet another incident with passengers taking their carryon bags during an evacuation. This time it happened in Las Vegas, after a British Airways 777. HappyTrail. com is your 1 source for adventure motorcycle gear, motorcycle parts, motorcycle luggage and racks, motorcycle accessories, and much moreAdventure R left and Honda CRF1. L Africa Twin right. Photos by Kevin Wing. Most of todays adventure bikes, despite their extra large dimensions and scale straining weights, are quite capable off road. Many feature traction control, off road optimized ABS and electronically adjustable suspension that help compensate for their hulking bulk. But, most of the time, adventure tourers do their adventuring on pavement. Africa Twin Soft Luggage' title='Africa Twin Soft Luggage' />With their powerful engines, street friendly tires and cast wheels, high tech electronics, comfortable ergonomics, big gas tanks and high load capacities, adventure bikes have become two wheeled multi toolsdo it all everybikes that serve as commuters, sport tourers, luggage laden luxury travelers and even boulevard cruisers insert Starbucks joke here. The Honda Africa Twins standard skid plate provides decent coverage. Adventure bike accessories for the BMW GS models including the R1200GS, F700GS and F800GS. GIVI leader in Motorcycle Cases, Hardbags, Side Hardbags, Motorcycle bags, motorbike accessories. Tecnology and design made in Italy. Looking for motorcycle accessories and protection for the Honda Africa Twin Twisted Throttle has you covered. Check out our selection of products. Helmet Arai XD4. JacketPants Olympia Expedition. Boots Sidi Deep Rain. Tail Bag Firstgear. On the outer fringe of the adventure bike crowd, standing tall and looking tough, is a small group of big dualiesdual sports on a high protein diet, bikes that are equally adept at pounding pavement as kicking up dust. They have multi cylinder engines that dole out an ample supply of smooth power sorry, Kawasaki KLR6. In the middleweight leagues, theres BMWs F 8. GS, which won Riders Motorcycle of the Year award when it debuted for 2. Triumphs Tiger 8. XCx, which was last updated for 2. Read our Touring Review of the 2. Africa Twin DCT. For serious off road performance in a full sized bike, look no further than the newest liter class members of the ADV clubthe Honda CRF1. L Africa Twin and the KTM 1. Adventure Rwhich are both descendants of Dakar Rally winners. Hondas original XRV6. Africa Twin, introduced in 1. Givi motorcycle luggage has been a staple in the industry since its inception in 1978. The Italian company designs and manufacturers quality hard and soft luggage. Samsung Z3x Box Card Driver there. Dakar from 1. 98. It was produced for 1. U. S. When the Africa Twin was re introduced for 2. CRF1. 00. 0L and finally brought stateside, it took design cues from Hondas CRF4. R Rally, including a steel semi double cradle frame, 2. Honda abandoned the previous Africa Twins V twin configuration in favor of a more space efficient parallel twin. Tucking the battery and ABS unit behind the forward canted cylinders freed up space under the seat, allowing it be at a reasonable height. The liquid cooled, 9. SOHC Unicam head, a 2. Conventional throttle cables mean there are no riding modes or electronic cruise control, but the CRF1. L has traction control that can be adjusted on the fly three levels or off using a trigger on the left handlebar. The KTM 1. 09. 0 Adventure Rs orange engine protection bars are standard, but the wrap around skid plate is an accessory. Helmet Schuberth E1. Jacket Held Carese II. Pants Held Torno II. Boots Dainese Carroarmato. Tail Bag Cortech. KTMs 9. 50 Adventure, introduced for 2. LC8 V twin held in a tubular steel space frame, and 9. Rally that won the 2. Dakar in the hands of Fabrizio Meoni he also won in 2. KTMs dominance of the Dakar for the past 1. KTMs Adventure series grew more powerful and refined over time, from the 9. For 2. 01. 7, the lineup includes two 1. Super Adventures the touring oriented T and the off road ready R and the new 1. Adventure R. With less power, simplified electronics and other cost saving measures, the 1. R is intended to be more accessible and affordable than the 1. R it replaces, which makes it a perfect match up for the Africa Twin. The 1. 09. 0s liquid cooled, 1,0. LC8 V twin has DOHC with four valves per cylinder, throttle by wire and four riding modes. Full power is available in Sport and Street modes, but power is reduced in Off road and Rain modes, with throttle response and traction control adjusted accordingly in each mode. Compared to the 1. Adventure R, the 1. Bernard Werber The Empire Of The Angels. R has revised fuel mapping for smoother response and a heavier crankshaft for more tractability. Read our First Ride Review of the 2. KTM 1. 09. 0 Adventure R. We rode our 1. 09. Adventure R test bike home from the press launch, a two day, 2. The 1. 09. 0 R comes standard with Continental TKC8. KTM further prepped it for sandy, dusty, technical conditions by adding some useful factory accessories a skid plate 2. Team Fortress 2 Non Steam Play Without'>Team Fortress 2 Non Steam Play Without. ABS Off road mode or deactivation to remain selected even after key off a dust protection kit for the air intake system 6. All together, these accessories add 7. Our 2. 01. 7 Honda Africa Twinwhich looks fantastic in the whiteredblue paint scheme with gold rims that was inspired by the original XRV6. Standard equipment includes a metal skidplate and cleated pegs with removable rubber inserts, though theyre much smaller than KTMs accessory pegs. To level the playing field we replaced the Hondas 9. Dunlop Trailmax D6. TKC8. 0s 3. 17, plus installation, for an as tested price of 1. Standing on the pegs, which moves the point where your weight is carried from high up on the seat to down low, makes big, heavy adventure bikes much easier to control when riding off road. With their sculpted gas tanks and upright handlebars, the Honda and KTM were designed to make stand up riding feel natural and comfortable, though tall riders have to hunch forward slightly and may want to add bar risers. For this comparison test, in addition to hundreds of miles of commuting and back road blasting, we took them off road on a mix of dirt, sand, gravel and mud. Springtime after an usually wet winter in California brought an explosion of color to the normally dull brown valleys and mountains of the Los Padres National Forest and the Carrizo Plain National Monument. As we explored unpaved two track in the Carrizo Plain, we savored views of the superbloom of wildflowerswith delightful names like goldenbrush, desert candle, tidy tips, blazing star and sky lupinethat carpeted areas of the park in yellow, white, orange and purple. The Africa Twin and 1. Adventure R allowed us to venture into more remote areas of the Temblor Range while look ee loo Instagram ers in their Priuses stuck to the main roads or, in the case of one Range Rover, got stuck in the mud. Parked side by side, the Africa Twin and 1. Adventure R look like fierce competitors. Theyre tall and narrow, with rally styling, wide, upright handlebars equipped with hand guards and small windscreens the KTMs is adjustable that provide a modicum of wind protection. The Honda looks compact, and it feels that way from the saddle. Both have 2. 1 inch front1. Honda requires tubes while the KTM can run tubeless, greatly simplifying flat repairs. They have nearly 1. KTM and 9. 18. 7 inches frontrear on the Honda. Such big wheeled, long legged bikes mean that their seat heights are tall, but theres a significant difference between the two that will make or break the decision for many people. The Hondas two position seat can be set at 3. KTMs non adjustable seat is 3. KTMs accessory Ergo seat is actually 0. Being 6 feet tall with a 3. R is one of them every Rider staffer struggled with the KTMs nosebleed seat height. Although its standard suspension settings are soft for street riding, the Honda handles confidently over any type of terrain.