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Tenel Ka Djo Wookieepedia. Tenel Ka Chume Ta DjoYou will give birth to a daughter first, and she will be strong and virtuous, like you. Luke Skywalker to Teneniel Djo, 8 ABYsrcTenel Ka Djo was a female. IQY0I1jM5ps/0.jpg' alt='Dark Colony Em Portugues' title='Dark Colony Em Portugues' />Gmail is email thats intuitive, efficient, and useful. GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access. Apresentao. 8. travessia, assim como as que se seguem, foi duplicada com uma. Conquistada a ilha das Flores, temos a preparao para os. Dark Matter The sixperson crew of a derelict spaceship awakens from stasis in the farthest reaches of space. Their memories wiped clean, they have no recollection of. Dark Colony Em Portugues' title='Dark Colony Em Portugues' />Dark Colony Em PortuguesHapan. Jedi Knight and the daughter of Prince. Isolder, Chumeda of the Hapes Consortium, and the Dathomiri witch. Teneniel Djo. Although she was the heir of the Hapes Consortium, she preferred the traditions and customs of her mothers people over those of her fathers, which angered some Hapans, including her grandmother, Taa Chume, and preferred not to be addressed by her full name, Tenel Ka Chume Ta Djo. Tenel Ka joined Luke Skywalkers Jedi academy when she was fourteen, and became close friends with Jacen and Jaina Solo, Lowbacca, Raynar Thul, and Zekk. During her stay at the Jedi academy, Tenel Ka and her friends repelled the deadly Shadow Academy, foiled the Diversity Alliance, and put an end to the return of the Black Sun. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Tenel Ka was part of Myrkr strike team to destroy the Jedi hunting voxyn queen. During the mission, she realized that she was in love with Jacen Solo, though he was captured by Vergere and taken into Yuuzhan Vong custody. She survived the mission, and later became Queen Mother of Hapes against her personal wishes, and a year later she learned that Jacen had indeed survived Myrkr. During the Killik crisis in 3. Play free game downloads. Big Fish is the 1 place to find casual games Safe secure. Games for PC, Mac Mobile. No waiting. Helpful customer service O minube o meu companheiro de viagem, sempre est comigo em todos os lugares onde quer que eu leve o meu telemvel. Locate the colony or colonies. The first step to exterminating a carpenter ant colony is to find it. To pinpoint the location of colonies in your home. Super Sries Baixe Suas Sries Favoritas em MP4 Legendado Grtis, Download de Sries Totalmente Grtis, Download de Sries em MP4. Bluetooth Dongle 2.0 Driver here. ABY, Tenel Ka agreed to send Jacen Solo a fleet to aid the Killiks, which were now under the leadership of former friend, Raynar Thul. She and Solo also had a daughter, Allana, and Tenel Ka resigned from the New Jedi Order in order to devote her full attention to the throne. In 4. 0 ABY, Tenel Ka and Allana were marked for death by a sect attempting to gain control of the Consortium. When Jacen turned to the dark side, he vowed never to kill Tenel Ka or Allana, despite his Sithmentor. Lumiyas arguments that killing them would bring peace and stability to the galaxy. During the Battle of Kashyyyk, she turned against Jacen, horrified by his actions. This caused Jacen to value Allanas life far more than Tenel Kas to the point that Jacen was prepared to kill Tenel Ka if she attempted to keep Allana from him. He later kidnapped Allana to force Tenel Ka back into an alliance, though upon Tenel Kas urgent request, she was rescued by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa Solo. It was then that the elder Solos discovered their connection to Allana. The Solos continued to keep the secret, and Tenel Ka allowed the Jedi to relocate to the Transitory Mists, inside Hapan territory. Tenel Ka soon helped in the downfall of Jacen, now Darth Caedus, by trapping his fleet over the Jedis base on Shedu Maad. However, a nanovirus targeting Hapan royal blood was released on her capital ship, and Jacen reached out to her shortly before his death, screaming at her to protect Allana. With his help, Tenel Ka and Allana managed to escape the nanovirus, though Tenel Ka realized the Hapan style of life was not meant for Allana. With that, she requested that Han and Leia take her to the Jedi Academy on Shedu Maad and raise her outside the machinations of Hapan politics. By 4. 3 ABY, Tenel Ka had yet to reenter the Galactic Alliance, not approving of the appointment of Chief of State. Natasi Daala or the aggressive actions of the Imperial. Moffs. She was later targeted by the Lost Tribe of Sith, and after a failed assassination attempt on her life, Tenel Ka helped evacuate the Jedi Academy on Ossus before the Sith could attack. Biography. Edit. Choosing a path 2. ABYEdit. Tenel Ka as a teenager. My lineage is tainted by generations of bloodthirsty, power hungry tyrants. I am not proud that I was born to the royal family of Hapes. I do not wish my friends to know that I am heir to the throne, because I have done nothing to earn it, choose it, or deserve it. Tenel KasrcTenel Ka was raised in the traditions of both of her parents, learning the ways of politics on Hapes, and training both physically and in the ways of the Force on Dathomir. She developed the beliefs and values of her mother, Teneniel Djo and her great grandmother, Augwynne Djo, who was the leader of the Singing Mountain Clan on Dathomir. Her father, Isolder, accepted her choices, though they did not bode well with his mother, former Queen Mother Taa Chume. Chumes attempts to sway her granddaughter to train to be a fit Queen Mother fell on deaf ears, for Tenel Ka decided to train as a Jedi Knight, with the support of her mother. When she was old enough, Tenel Ka went to Yavin 4 to train at Luke Skywalkers. Jedi Praxeum. She became fast friends with Jacen and Jaina Solo, though she did not tell them of her position as the Hapan heir, as she wanted them to accept her for who she was, not for her title. Jedi Training 2. ABY2. ABYEdit. Discovering the Shadow Academy. Edit. A month after meeting Jacen and Jaina, Tenel Ka was introduced to Lowbacca and his translator droid, Em Teedee, when he joined the Jedi Academy from Kashyyyk. He asked Tenel Ka to call him by his nickname, Lowie, as a sign of friendship, though Tenel Ka refused to, claiming that it was not out of a sign of disrespect, but that shed honor him by using his full name. While the group of friends was repairing a crashed TIE fighter, the pilot, Qorl, abducted Jaina and Jacen, but Tenel Ka made it back to the Praxeum to summon help, although by the time help arrived, Qorl had taken off in the newly repaired craft. Half Life Source Content Gmod For'>Half Life Source Content Gmod For. Jacen and Jaina later escaped, but so did Qorl. Tamith Kai Tenel Kas arch enemy. While her friends were visiting Lando Calrissian at his Gem. Diver Station, Tenel Ka had to stay behind to welcome one of her grandmothers ambassadors that was assigned to check in on her. When her friends were kidnapped by the Shadow Academy, she set out to help Luke Skywalker find them. The pair first traveled to Gem. Diver Station where Lando informed them that the twins and Lowbaccas captors used Corusca gems to invade the station, and that led them to Borgo Prime, where the only shipments of the gems were sent. They soon discovered that the gems had been purchased by a Nightsister. It was during the trip that a conversation came up about how both of them had been dreaming of the return of the Nightsisters. Tenel Ka, as her parents spoke very little about it, was curious of why her mother thought so highly of Skywalker and of what happened when her father and Skywalker had first visited Dathomir. She was unsettled and embarrassed to learn from the teasing Jedi Master that upon meeting him, Teneniel had captured Luke. Tenel Ka was chagrined at the very thought of him submitting to the Dathomir marriage customs that she had always viewed as quaint and provincial. Tenel Ka was newly embarrassed to realize that her mother had captured the greatest known Jedi Master at the time and had fully expected him to marry her and father her children. The situation suddenly struck her as so ridiculous that she let lose a rare giggle. The two set out to Dathomir, where they met with Augwynne Djo, Tenel Kas great grandmother who informed them that the Nightsisters had returned. They then witnessed Vonnda Ra and Vilas, members of the Nightsisters, campaign for new members, using equal treatment of males, something unusual to Dathomir society, as a draw for male members. Pretending to be interested, Tenel Ka and Luke traveled to the Great Canyon Clan where they encountered Vonnda Ra.