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Driver Genius Free download and software reviews. Pros. If I think of any Ill let you know. Cant get it to run. Cons. 1. Blue screens immediately and consistently on a Windows 8. Pro 6. 4 bit system this is Driver Genius 1. Support not helpful or totally ignores you. Power off restart necessary after it crashes windows. BibMe Free Bibliography Citation Maker MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Noregistration upload of files up to 250MB. Not available in some countries. Driver Detective Crack Free Download' title='Driver Detective Crack Free Download' />Windows will not dump or restart on its own. Hard drive light stays on solid. Summary. Avoid this software like the plague. Hard telling if it is doing any damage, but it crashes the entire computer immediately. Reply to this review. Was this review helpful0 0 Pros. Easy to use. Fast download speed. Find drivers accurately. Conssometimes cant download drivers cuccessfully. Summary. Spent many days to find driver manage tools. This tool finally worked great. Be sure to update software to latest version before updating drivers. Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download. Chanel Preston StepMoms Creampie Chanel Preston has a new step son. On this particular day she accidentally caught. Solidworks 2016 Crack Full version is here in this post. It also can accelerate product development. ACME. The ACME Detective Agency or ACME Crimenet changed to ACME Timenet in Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego is the organization that the user or protagonists. Great jobs Updated on Oct 1. Spent many days to find driver manage tools. This tool finally worked great. Be sure to update software to latest version before updating drivers. Great jobs Reply to this review. Was this review helpful0 0 Pros. It may have a few more drivers than free ones. Cons. Everything else. Cost is to great for the amount of updated drivers produced in one year. Summary. All in all no better than the free versions of others. I paid for the program only to find out i had 3 updates for my system in an entire year and they were for network cards or usb devices. They are also rude as all get out when you ask a question. Shortly after i got the program someone stole my code that makes it go. I had no idea that had happened. When Injustice Becomes Law Resistance Becomes Duty Patch. I found out it had been installed on some 1. Of course they shut the program off but i was then left with a program i paid for that didnt work. When i contacted them regarding the matter i basically got chewed out for something i had no control over. Very disappointing customer service. I do not know who hacked my network and stole it or if someone just figured out a crack or hack for it but i am out 3. So avoid it and go with slimdrivers free edition you will get just as many but you will not have had to pay for it. Download Kingdom Under Fire Gold Edition. So its your choice. Not every driver on your machine requires updating. If your system is running and stable dont waste your time with this company and their program. Reply to this review. Read reply 1Was this review helpful1 0 Reply by jadequest. April 6, 2. 01. 4Thank You for your post and a pre warning to us all before purchasing or even if they offer a free trial version, after reading what you stated I changed my mind on this product, theres so many competitors out there, Im just surfing the web and reading blogs and forums to get other customer perspective before deciding on a product. Thanks again. Pros. Scans for Driver Updates. Cons. Downloading Issues. Updating Issues. Pushy Customer Service. Summary. I am not exactly sure how I ended up purchasing this software. I needed to update my graphics card and I wasnt 1. I eventually ended up at Driver Genius 1. I downloaded the software and realized, after it recognized certain drivers needed updating, that it was not going to do it for free. After this, I put off updating until I couldnt stand it any longer. I paid the 3. 0 for the full version which was my first mistake since the newest version costs the exact same. Once I had registered the key I tried updating my drivers and of course it did not work. Now I actually think this may have occurred on purpose to get me to contact them for support. I tried updating Driver Genius but nothing worked. So I found version 1. Version 1. 1 doesnt work for 1. I was stuck and had to call customer service. I waited about 1. I got someone named Andrew to help me. He said he needed to use support. Unfortunately, Andrew didnt have that information with him currently and had to access my computer to see the issue. After finding his real name was something else not Andrew I felt a little odd about the whole situation. However, I agreed to let him see what I was explaining but after he uninstalled version 1. So he went somewhere Ive never seen before to find all the error messages my computer has ever executed and said Oh my God, this is insane, you have so many viruses. After all of this here is the kicker for those who dont want to read my entire review The guy on the phone says Luckily we offer a service for you at a greatly discounted price that will speed up your computer. This is much cheaper than a professional would offer and it will be for the entire year unlimited. Only 2. 50 regularly 4. To which I responded No thank you I would just like a refund for the software that doesnt work on my computer and he went on for another 1. At this point I know what hes trying to do and possibly what this software was created for to begin with. If it works, I have yet to see it and Im sure there is better software out there. I made the mistake of not doing any research first but those of you who are smart, I say no to driver genius. I read some other similar reviews to mine out there about this software in all versions. Reply to this review. Was this review helpful2 0 Pros. Finds update drivers Cons. Can not download or update driver unless you purchase product. This is just a big ploy to get you to buy it. I bought DG1. 0. 0 when it came out and it actually gave me some bad drivers. DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL. Summary. REMEMBER ONE THING I SAID AND THEN YOU BOUGHT IT DONT BLAME ME. PROFESSIONAL IT AND BUILDER. Reply to this review. Was this review helpful0 1 Pros. Installs without a fuss. Cons. Keeps listing the same drivers as outdated, even after the successful installation of the updated driver Summary. Beware of purchasing any software from Nova Development. If you require a future download of your purchased software and over 4 weeks has passed, your product key will no longer activate the product, UNLESS you purchase basically an insurance to keep your product key viable. This is unlike other companies that I have dealt with over the years who will actually assist their customers to reinstall their products. It would appear to me that Nova Development has no desire to maintain a repeat customer database, because I sure as wont buy any of their products in the future. Reply to this review. Was this review helpful1 0 Please Wait.