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EasyCap Video DVR DC60 can someone give me the. EasyCap Video DVR USB 2. Video Adapter with Audio. HTB17U1ZPVXXXXccXFXXq6xXFXXXF/Easycap-USB-2-0-HDMI-RCA-OTG-Android.jpg' alt='Easycap Capture Card' title='Easycap Capture Card' />Siig Usb 2. Video CaptureSOLVED Driver Easy. Cap USB 2. 0 Video Capture S VHS amp. I had the same problem. No picture and no sound. Here is what I did to solve it. Cadkey 99 Manual Pdf there. I Un installed the software and restarted the computer. Placed the installation CD that came with the product back in the CD drive. Click on Install Driver this only installs the USB 2 drivers so that the computer can see the deviceMake sure you do not attach the Easycap Device before you have installed the USB Driver as above. Once USB Driver has been installed then plug in the Easycap USB Device, windows should then detect the new device, to make sure 5. Right Click My Computer Properties Hardware Device Manager check Imaging Device which is where my STK1. Driver was installed and make sure it has no yellow exclamation mark next to it. Go back to CD and install the Uplead Software, you then have to Restart the computer. Once all installed you can then connect your external device VHS PlayerCamcorder etc to the Easycap device, using the RedYellowWhite leads. I like many before me, tried and I tried to get the image to play on the software Capture screen but all to no avail, I was pulling my hair out, I wasted two days on it, I finally decided that this product was a total load of rubbish and I had wasted my money and it had to go. Then a major break through, some smarty pants made the comment about INPUTS OUTPUTS, my prayers along with many others could have been answered. I had actually plugged the RedYellowWhite leads into the INPUT terminals of the external VHS Player, when they should be plugged into the OUTPUT terminals of the external VHS PlayerCamcorder. On a Camcorder the REDYellowWhite terminals are usually Output terminals but on a VHS Player they are usually always Input only. I tried running my Camcorder through the software and Hey Presto that worked a treat. So in order to get my VHS to play through the software I ended up having to buy a Scart OUT very important OUT RedYellowWhite adapter see link for product imagehttp www. Search. aspx criteriascart2. SDYOnce all connected I pressed play on the VHS Player and I have to say that nearly fell off my chair IT WORKED IT WORKED IT WORKED. Driver Easycap USB 2. Video and Audio Capture Card RCA composite FY1201N NODRIVER USB2. The video USB 2. 0 video adapter with Audio, it can. USBGV1 USB Video Adapter is the video capture. EASYCAP CAPTURE USB 2. VIDEO ADAPTER. The install was so easy in every aspect of the process from driver.