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FonePaw iOS Transfer can not only do the same job as iTunes, it can also easily manage your music including selectively moving songs. How to Transfer the ITunes Library From One PC to Another 4 Steps. By the end of 2. 01. Tune. Swift has been published. This software allows you to transfer the entire i. Tunes library including apps, music, videos, books, playlists, tags, i. Phone backups and many more. It is easy to use and enables you to backup, transfer and restore the i. Tunes library to a new PC or Mac. You can load the software from http www. Fonepaw Ios Transfer' title='Fonepaw Ios Transfer' />FonePaw Online Support is available for product FAQ, license code, sales and customer resources. Ways to transfer photosvideos to iPhonesiPads from Desktop PC or Mac. Transfer Pictures to iPad the Easy Way with iTunes. This is the complete guide to transfer photos from Mac or Windows PC to iPhone and iPad seamlessly. Head over to transport files with optimum ease. FonePaw iOS Transfer as iOS Manager, helps you to transfer Music, SMS, Contacts, Photos, Videos, etc. Tunes, PC and iPhoneiPadiPod. OSPCiPhoneiPadiPodPCMaciTunes iOS. To install the program just follow the on screen instructions. After the installation open Tune. Swift. Youll now find three buttonsoptions 1 Transfer 2 Backup and 3 Restore i. Tunes. 1 To move your i. Tunes library to a new computer hit the Transfer button. Now you can decide whether you want to copy i. Tunes to a PC or a Mac. When you made your choice youll find a window to select the external hard drive or flash drive where you want to temporarily store the i. Tunes library. Give a name to the i. Tunes transfer archive and confirm. Now click Start Transfer. After the successful transfer of the i. Tunes library to the external hard drive, eject the drive and connect it to the new PC. Install Tune. Swift on the new PC and choose Restore. Select the Transfer File from the external drive. Cara Mempercepat Koneksi Wifi Hotspot here. Normally this file ends with. Start Restore button. The Sight Below Glider Rar. After the successful restore of your i. Tunes library, Tune. Swift will notify you. Close Tune. Swift and open i. Tunes. Youll find your complete i. Tunes library on your new computer. Pro Tune. Swift is an easy to use app that transfers the entire i. Tunes library including the i. Phone, i. Pad and i. Pod Touch backups. It also allows you to keep backups of your library on external drives. Contra Mac users can only use the restore function of Tune. How do I copy pictures and videos from my i. Phone to a PC no i. Photo Copying photos from your i. Phone to a PC is a different process than using a Mac. Most Mac users simply use built in i. Photo software to move videos and pictures to the computer. First plug your i. Phone into the PC using the USB cable. For Windows XP 1. Navigate to Start All Programs Accessories Scanner and Camera Wizard. When the Select Device window appears choose Apple i. Phone and hit OK. Click Next to use the wizard. If youd rather copy photos manually using Windows Explorer then choose advanced users only. Windows Vista 1. Windows will automatically recognize the i. Phone and an Auto. Play window will appear. Select Import pictures. If youd rather copy photos manually using Windows Explorer then choose Open device to view files. Sometimes Windows will not recognize the i. Phone. When using XP you may receive the following error The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera. To fix this problem disconnect all USB devices. Right click My Computer and select the device manager. If you see an Apple mobile device listed right click and uninstall the driver. Reboot your computer. Reattach the i. Phone and now it should recognize the device as a camera.