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I spent an entire week planning and building the jig shown in the photo above. Though it looks like a platform for holding Roman candles, it actually allowed me to drill four legs in a seat blank without worrying about rake and splay. I would simply clamp a seat blank inside the jig and let the pipes guide my auger bit as it bored the perfect angles for the front legs and back legs. Then I removed the seat blank from the jig, shaped it and built the undercarriage joining the legs and stretchers. I built a dozen chairs using this jig. It worked brilliantly. But one day I put it on a shelf in the basement and havent used it for more than a decade. Why Because the jig was perfect and a perfect prison. Every chair out of my shop had legs with the same rake and splay it didnt matter if it was an interpretation of a Welsh stick chair from the early 1. The jig never faltered. So I used it for everything, perhaps even when I shouldnt have. The other downside to the jig is that it allowed me to make chairs without truly understanding rake, splay, sightlines and resultant angles. Because I didnt have to know those things in a deep way to make bang on mortises, my understanding of the concepts was a bit dim. And that held back my ability to design new things. What was the turning point A deadline. I had to build a stool, which wouldnt fit in my jig. And I had to do it really fast, so I didnt have time to build a second jig. So one night yes, thats all it took, I sat down with the trigonometry tables in Drew Langsners The Chairmakers Workshop and figured out the calculations behind chair angles. Since then Ive figured out a way to do this without trigonometry. I wrote the article Compound Angle, No Math for the June 2. Popular Woodworking Magazine to explain this process. The next day I made the stool and put the jig away. On the one hand I was happy I understood the trig, but I was a bit disgusted with myself that I had put it off for so long. The experience made me look around at what other jigs I had in my shop that were holding me back. And Im still looking to this day. Christopher Schwarz.