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Windows Store is a digital distribution platform built into Windows 8, which in a manner similar to Apples App Store and Google Play, allows for the distribution and. DH0246/DH0246g05.jpg' alt='Interactive Heat Transfer V3.0' title='Interactive Heat Transfer V3.0' />Cognos Webinars, Demos, White Papers, Presentations, Hints. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence version 1. This webinar highlights the latest and greatest offerings, including the Report Studio preview modes making authoring for Active Report and other mobile consumers much less cumbersome. Our special guests Stefan Constantinides, Solution Advisor North America for IBM, and Don Davis, Client Technical Professional in Business Analytics for IBM, also demonstrate and discuss Simplified end user functionality for greater user self service. Simplified deployment for faster time to value. Numerous improvements in general data access and administration. Additionally, we touch on Cognos Disclosure Management CDM, which can be a huge time saver when generating reports, along with Watson Analytics. Get up to speed on what the latest version of Cognos BI offers. PRESENTERStefan Constantinides. Solution Advisor North America. IBMStefan Constantinides has Expert level certification within IBM as a Solution Advisor and technical pre sales solution architect. Over the course of his career, Stefan has had successful sales engagements with companies like Amazon, Disney, Wells Fargo, Sprint, Charles Schwab, AT T and many other large, high profile accounts. With over 6 years at IBM and almost 3 decades of enterprise level experience, Stefan is now working with large companies to ensure their success with IBM products and helping to guide their business into the future. Don Davis. Client Technical Professional Business Analytics. IBMDon Davis is a Client Technical Professional in IBMs Business Analytics software group, residing in the Seattle area. Don has been helping clients with Cognos BI since 2. OUTLINEWhats New in Cognos BI Version 1. Added Features and Functionalities Overview. Enabling Foundational Self Service with Cognos Business Intelligence V1. English Patch For Gothic 3. Speed deployment to enable foundational self service. Targeted profiles will engage even more users and make them more self sufficient. Customize profiles in Report Studio and Workspace Advanced. Views based on skill and required functionality. Enables more users to be self sufficient. Use quick set up to easily install and configure all Cognos BI components for testing and prototyping. Increase confidence by managing security at the individual user level in multi tenant deployments. Leverage high performing Dynamic Cubes by quickly migrating existing Framework Manager models. Proactively plan your upgrade using the Cube Designer hardware sizing guide. Support users with a broad range of disabilities with broadened accessibility. US Section 5. 08 Compliant, from modeling through to authoring. Supports assistive technologies. Produce fully accessible, compliant reports. Streamline the report creation process to save time and make authors more efficient. Build a report once and create a consistent corporate identity with reusable style templates. Define styles for standardized reporting. Create templates for groups to provide a starting point. Simplify report maintenance by updating styles once. Leverage the new visualization capabilities and customize them directly in Report Studio. Extensible visualization properties are exposed in Report Studio and Workspace Advanced. Extensible visualization data slots are now flexible, use only those that you need. See changes to your reports in real time and speed authoring with Active Report Live Preview. View Active Report Content in Report Studio Directly. Change Layout to Match Device Output or Custom. Make Formatting Changes Directly in Preview Mode. Empower more users with increased personalization and targeted capabilities. Quickly upload and easily model personal data sources for end to end analysis with My Data Sets. Upload CSV, XLS, XLSX, and create reports and dashboards. Manage uploaded data files without ITAdministrators can define who has privileges. Quickly focus your analysis by using Dynamic Filters in Cognos Workspace. Create interactive dashboards for easy analysis. Define custom buttons that specify a filter action. Filter related widgets by selecting values. Learn more about these exciting innovations on Analytics. Zone IBM Watson Analytics and Cognos Business Intelligence. Cloud based agile analytics for business users. Guided flexible exploration with cognitive computing and automated visualization selection. Automated discovery of combinations and permutations of data providing new answers. A standardized gateway to maximize business intelligence value across the Enterprise. Foundational business intelligence for the enterprise. Support for multiple data sources and operating environments with customizable visualizations. A known and trusted analytics foundation. Provides a baseline of information to feed Watson Analytics across one integrated and supported environment. Demonstrations Cognos 1. Cognos Disclosure Management CDM Introduction. CDM Deployed at Amazon HUGE time saver. Now with using CDM, it takes five minutes to generate the monthly executive level report that used to take a minimum of 3 hours to cobble together. CDM is rapidly becoming irreplaceable at Amazon. One of the Amazon team described it as something as essential as turning the lights on. How Specific and underlying reporting problems. The Do it Again Problem. Every month means all reports need to be updated to reflect the current period. Title pages. Date references in text. Narrative comments. Dates that drive the data reported. Data reported. How IBM Cognos Disclosure Management CDM addresses the problems. Leverages existing tools in use Word, Excel, etc. Reports directly integrated with data sources so they can be rolled forward Master documents can be cascaded. Changes dynamically updated in reports, e. Provides a powerful multi user, collaborative environment. Workflow and version controls deliver process transparency. Evidence of compliance, report validation, access control and audit trails reduce operational risk. Reports driven from a single, secure database so stakeholders and consumers get a consistent view. Multiple output formats. Integrated XBRL taxonomy, XBRL validation and pre tagged template reports. Organizations are relying on outdated tools and processes to meet mandated reporting requirements. Abundance of reports and changing requirements. Manual time consuming processes. High Risk of errors. What we deliver. Employ a repeatable process. Instead of navigating gaps in the production of recurring reports over and over again. Streamline report assembly. Instead of manually piecing together Microsoft Word, Excel and Power. Point files. Make better decisions. Instead of interpreting just read data, get to understanding right away. Recurring, multi author reports create the same problems. Time is spent on low value work datatext, copypaste, editing, validationLimited time for specialists to make insightful decisions. Slow, manual, recurring process. Facts within reports can be out of date before the report even published. No compliance or controls during the process. Cognos Disclosure Management CDM solution features. Replace tools and manual processes with a proven reporting solution used by 3. Filing packages provide all the templates and XBRL connectivity that you need. Familiar MS Office interface for ease of use. Reduce the risk of errors with strong data integration. Built in workflow plus full audit trail provides visibility and transparency. Reports cascading for easier reporting of multiple subsidiaries.