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The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Character Creation Guide for PC by Haeravon. Character Creation Guide by Haeravon. More for The Elder Scrolls IV. PC This guide is set at a width of 7. For ease of use, make. The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion . II_7qWI/VvJRZufNuTI/AAAAAAAAJX4/BH4CQKwiu50XKrC4GfF_Q2gi-T9P8QEGQ/s400/The%2BElder%2BScrolls%2BIV%2BOblivion%2BGame3%2B%255B640x480%255D.jpg' alt='Oblivion Gold Cheat Post Patch' title='Oblivion Gold Cheat Post Patch' />Rubber bands have been around since the middle of the 19th century. As of 30 November 2015, the games. Net and the team would like to thank everyone who was involved in the community. The Porsche team did a great thing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend, so lets go ahead and drool over some various Porsches in celebration. And, of course. Comment by Tharama Skarr is one of the ten hunter challenges brought into the game in the Firelands patch. He is the metal cat first seen in Scholazer Basin Soo. 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News, reviews, previews, tips, and downloads for multiple platforms. Weve been making PC trainers for over 15 years. Never used a trainer before WATCH HOW EASY IT IS Join Cheat Happens Premium for access to all 9,000 of our. The default text is Lucida Console at size 1. Note that this is an incredibly large FAQ, and depending on your. Look for the END OF FILE line at the bottom to ensure. I have no affiliation with Bethesda, Zenimax, or any other parties. This is a not for profit fan made guide. If. you wish to post, mirror, or quote this guide, feel free to do so. Credit would make me happy, an email would make me feel good. Let your. conscience be your guide, just like all good people. Supporting Haeravon. FAQs. lt . Silent Aim No Headshot'>Silent Aim No Headshot. Now, I know this is a not for profit FAQ, but FAQ writing is time. If you wanted to show your appreciation for this FAQ. FAQs by donating to my Pay. Pal account, that. If every person who downloaded. FAQs donated a penny. Pay. Pals fees, and in fact, very, very. Now, without any more PBS style solicitation. US itemnameHaeravon. FAQs currencycodeUSD bn. PP2d. Donations. BF3abtndonate. CCLG2egif3a. Non. Hosted. Alternatively, you can use the Pay. Pal button on my webpage, at. Haeravon. FAQs on Facebook. If you liked this FAQ, if you like talking about video games, if you. Check out my Facebook. Haeravon. FAQs for mindless video game. FAQs, or for just a. Yeah, theres a website, of course theres a website. You KNEW there. would be a website eventually. If the meagre pickings of Facebook. Haeravon and fellow contributors die hard nerds, one and all check. Haeravon. com, a gaming community that really is made for and by. Table of Contents. I. IntroductionINT0. II. RaceGenderRNG0. III. BirthsignsBRT0. IV. ClassCLS0. V. Leveling UpLVL0. VI. AttributesATT0. VII. Derived AttributesDAT0. VIII. SkillsSKL0. Sims 3 Wii Pal. IX. TrainersTRN0. X. Sample CharacterCHR0. XI. UpdatesThanksUPD0. Introduction INT0. My Fallout 3 FAQ got quite a few hits, and a number of people e mailed. I even got. a question asking if I would expand the FAQ to include the expansions. Since Bethesda made both Fallout 3 and Oblivion, and I spent just about. I decided Id write another FAQ for. Oblivion. I have my own opinions about the game. I. wont dig quite as deep into the game mechanics as other FAQs might, but. I will tell you how I create characters, my thoughts on the attributes. This is a somewhat completionist FAQ. Im incorrigible about min maxing my stats, so Ill be taking that frame. FAQ. This is not really for casual gamers. Im confident what I have to say might be helpful to anyone. I will order the guide in the same order as options. Race and Gender RNG0. Okay, now for the fun part of actually making your character. Youll. have a number of races to choose from, each with different abilities. Youll also get to be either. NPC interactions in this game arent. Ugh. Know that it hurt me to type that. But its true. RatingPlaying this race will actually make the game harder. Rating This race has abilities that become obsolete. Rating You will have abilities that are useful once in a while. Rating You will have abilities that are actually boons. Rating Constantly useful abilities throughout the whole game. Which is the Best I hate this term, and Ive seen it in too many FAQs, and on too many. Some people call OrcsReguards the best melee fighters, and. Bretons the best mages. This is moot. Your starting. I do blame Bethesda somewhat for this nuisance, in so much as. Yeah. At level 1. At level 5. 0. All classes and. All characters can. Whats the difference between a. Breton with 1. 00 Strength and Blade fighting a Redguard with 1. Strength. and Blade Nothing. Time Fades Away Neil Young. What does matter thenThe following. Your starting Endurance will determine your maximum Health. A character. who starts with 5. Endurance as compared to a character with 3. Health per level. Keep that in. mind when looking at the classes, as the invisible Health maximum is. Endurance. lt . Racial Abilities. These matter. While I find attributes to be mostly. Picking a race with. Character Model. Seriously, this can be a long game. Even longer if you. Make a character you like, and one that wont make you. Pick what you want to play. The story of Oblivion is. The fact that I dont think any race is really much better at any. That doesnt mean Im contradicting myself. Make an Orc. make an Orc mage in fact, it doesnt really matter. Hell, make an Orc. But keep in mind the various abilities of each class. Below I will list the starting attributes of each race by gender. Following that, I will denote the skill bonuses each race gains, and. Finally, I will give my. This reptilian race, well suited for the treacherous swamps of its. They can breathe water and are good at picking locks. Attributes, Female. STRINTWILAGISPDENDPERLCKTOT. Attributes, Male. STRINTWILAGISPDENDPERLCKTOT. Alchemy 5, Athletics 1. Blade 5, Hand to Hand 5, Illusion 5. Mysticism 5, Security 1. Ability Argonian Disease Resistance 7. Immune to Poison. Ability Argonian Poison Immunity 1. Water Breathing. Ability Argonian Water Breathing. Argonians are a rare breed in that they have three abilities that are. A high disease resistance will help ignore some. Certainly the best diseasepoison set out there. Also, water. breathing is a cheap spell, and it can be found on an item fairly. They are, at the least, some abilities you. The only real downside to the Argonian is. Endurance, which will set them back in the Health. In addition to their quick and perceptive grasp of spellcraft, even the. Bretons can boast a resistance to magical energies. They. particularly skilled at summoning and healing magic. Attributes, Female. STRINTWILAGISPDENDPERLCKTOT. Attributes, Male. STRINTWILAGISPDENDPERLCKTOT. Alchemy 5, Alteration 5, Conjuration 1. Illusion 5, Mysticism 1. Restoration 1. 0. Shield 5. 0 for 6. Self. Fortify Magicka. Ability Breton Enhanced Magicka 5. Ability Breton Magic Resistance 5. Somebody at Bethesda must love Bretons. Really. These are your premier. Oblivion, as they have the second highest Magicka total with. In fact, they have the best magical resistance as well. Better yet, they also have the best shielding ability in the game, much. Nordic ability. Undoubtedly the best set of abilities in. Also known as Dunmer in their homeland of Morrowind, the Dark Elves. They are resistant to fire and can summon. Attributes, Female. STRINTWILAGISPDENDPERLCKTOT. Attributes, Male. STRINTWILAGISPDENDPERLCKTOT. Athletics 5, Blade 1. Blunt 5, Destruction 1. Mysticism 5. Light Armor 5, Marksman 5. Ancestor Guardian. Summon Ancestor Guardian for 6. Self. Ability Dark Elf Fire Resistance 7. Dark Elves in Oblivion sure arent like what they are in most other. PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Gaming News, Reviews, Cheats. Visceral is dead, long live Visceral.