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DSHomebrewHomebrew LauncherHomebrew Launcherninjhaxexploit. List of all homebrew Wii. Brew. List of all homebrew. From Wii. Brew Applications Media players Video and audio Title. Identifiez vous pour accder la shoutbox Commentaires jeantis problme DD externe et usb loader gx jeantis Article 78 Utiliser Bathaxx pour lancer des. Title Description Author Homebrew Channel Installs the Wii Homebrew Channel onto the System Menu Team Twiizers Allin1 Emuloader A basic Front SD elfdol loader. DVDX Installs a hidden channel which can DVD content without a modchip. Team Twiizers. Gee. Xbo. X Linux based port of Gee. Xbo. X, which uses MPlayer for playback. Savegame Manager Gx' title='Savegame Manager Gx' />The Gee. Xbo. X Team. MPlayer CE Native MPlayer port. Extrems. MPlayer TT Native MPlayer port to demonstrate DVD functionality. MPlayer. Wii Native MPlayer port. Wii MFE Port Linux based port of MPlayer. Wii. MC Wii. MC Wii Media Centre is an open source media player for the Nintendo Wii. Tantric, rodries Video only Title. Comix. Channel An application that allow you to display comics. Audio only Utilities Operating systems Title. Boot it Linux loader designed for use with disc images. Wii Linux Wii Linux debian based distro. Wii. Shell UNIX like shell. Wii. Too Wii Linux minimal Gentoo Stage. Zen Kernel Linux kernel with new features. Waninkoko, dodo. 11. Automatii cellular automata life. Gmp La bibliothque GMP The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library porte sur Wii. Mandelbrot Mandelbrot fractal generator. Wii. Calc Full Featured Calculator. Pace. Maker. Wii. Life Also cellular automata. WPCP Wii Pi Calculation Project. CTGP Revolution A custom track distribution for Mario Kart Wii that uses a custom channel. Mr. Bean. 35. 00. Chadderz. Disk Drive Lighter Take complete control over the light in the wiis Disk Drive Games Arcade Board Card Game engine Music Platform Puzzle Racing Role playing Shooter Simulation Trivia Other Emulators Console Title. Col. Em Coleco. Vision. FCE Ultra GX Nintendo Entertainment System. Tantric. Genesis Plus GenesisMega Drive, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG 1. SegaMega CD. Hugo Wii Turbo Grafix 1. PC Engine. Jzintv. Wii Intellivision. Neo. CD Wii Neo Geo CD. O2em Odyssey. 2Videopac. PCSX Revolution Playstation 1. SMSPlus Sega Master System and Game Gear. Snes. 9x GX Super Nintendo. Tantric, michniewski. Stella. Wii Atari 2. Vectrex. Wii Vectrex. Aruskano. Wii. 26. VCS2. 60. 0. Raz. Wii. 64 Nintendo 6. Wii. 78. 00 Atari 7. Raz. 0red. Wii. Col. Em Coleco. Vision. Raz. 0red. Wii. Mednafen GBColorAdvance, SMSGG, Lynz, GenesisMD, NES, PCETG1. CDSuper. GfxPC FX, Virtual Boy, Neo. Geo Pocket, Wonder. Swam. Raz. 0red. Wii. Engine Turbo Grafix 1. PC Engine. Wii. SX Playstation 1. Yabause Wii Sega Saturn. Handheld Arcade Computer Loaders Title. Homebrew Channel Installs the Wii Homebrew Channel onto the System Menu. All in 1 Emuloader A basic Front SD elfdol loader that looks for known Emulators. Boot. IOS Loads Boot. Mii IOS. Vithon. Freedom Importer and Exporter. Crediar. Front SD ELF Loader Loads. SD slot. Gecko OS Loads an import game, like Datels Free. Loader. geckoloader. Dsdm Agile Project Management Handbook. Homebrew Disc Loader Run homebrew software directly from DVD. Loadmii Small but powerful loader which can run executables from SD cards, USB sticks, SMB shares, USB Gecko and SD Gecko. Menu Loader Reboots the Wii with any IOS Region. Free WiiGCN functionality. Menu Loader Clone Menu loader clone with sourcecode. TCP Loader Loads. TCP socket. Tiny. Load Loads an original Wii game of any region, period. Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher Start Gamecube homebrew on Wii from front SD slot. Mega Man, Hell Hibou. Wii Homebrew Launcher Wii menu style launcher for. Supports custom human readable titles and pictures for each app. Wii. Launcher A simple alternative to Gecko OS. It has additional features to download and edit cheat codes. Conanac System tools Title. Any. Title Deleter Fully deletes almost any title from your Wii. Any. Region Changer Lets you modify most if not all region info on your Wii. Banana Patcher Applies Preloader patches on the fly without modifying NAND. Boot. Mii A backup tool and application designed to enable complete low level control of the Wii. TeamTwiizers. Bootmii Booter Boots the Bootmii IOS using a IOSLaunch. New. IOS. Daco. Taco. Clean. Rip Creates 1 1 backups of GCWii discs without any c. IOS required. User emukidid. Crazy Intro A custom intro program that sits between system and Preloader. Wii. CrazyUser I R on. DOP Mii Wii. Brew Edition Install IOSs, System Menus, and Channels. Arikado, Lunatik, lukegb. Duplicate Channel Remover Removes duplicate NewsWeather channels. FS Browser Wii File System browser. FSToolbox Wii NAND browserdumper. Gamecube Saver Copies Gamecube saves. GCI to your Gamecube Memory Card from your SD Card. GCBooter Boot Region Free Gamecube Games on Wii. GCMM Copies savegame files from Gamecube Memory Card to SD and vice versa. Gumboot A configurable bootloader for Wii, aimed at running Linux with customizable kernel command line without the need of recompiling for every change. IOS5. 8 Installer Installs a virgin IOS5. No more, no less. No patched IOS requiredTantriclsusb Dump info about attached usb devices. Mii Extractor Extracts all the Miis from your Wii to a SD card. Mii Installer Installs dumped Miis from your SD card. Mini IOS Replacer. Team Twiizers. Nu. Ga. Sa BackupRestore Gamecube Savegames. Offline Network Enabler Allows using network connections even without internet access. Only Another Button Test Controller button test. DarkOn5. Open Sram Language Modifier An Open Sram Language Modifier. Preloader Allows user to directly boot the HBC, System Menu or a. System Menu patches. Priiloader Preloader Mod using preloader 0. Dacotaco. Real. Wn. D A real 1 1 Wii NAND Dumper. Dump exactly the same as hardware programmer. Sadmenu Load a patched System Menu, useful for testing banners. Comex and Marcan. Savegame Extractor Dumps saves from your Wiis NAND to an SD card. Savegame Installer Installs dumped saves from your SD card. Savegame Manager A combination of the two apps Savegame Extractor and Savegame Installer Waninkoko. Save. Game Manager GX A Savegame Manager with a wii like user interface. Starfall Patches the System Menu to remove limitations. Crediar. Start. Patch A System Menu patcher. Aquilino, Ti. Me. Bo. Mb. Start. Patch Mod Modification of Start. Patch allowing the selection of which IOS to use. Check A System Checker IOS Stub, Fake signature, ESDi. Verify, Flash Access, NAND Access, Boot. Access, USB 2. 0 Erik Spydersys. Check. GX A System Checker with a nice GUI IOS Stub, Fake signature, ESDi. Verify, Flash Access, NAND Access, Boot. Access, USB 2. 0 Erik Spyderuname Prints system information. Import A simple wad importer. Crediar. Wii Home A new Home for the Wii. Cash. Mans Productions. Wii. MU A Po. C Channel Launcher, that eventually aims to be a System Menu replacement. Squid. Man, crediar. Wii. ND USb SD Nand dumper Windows extractor. Nicksasa. Wii. SCU Wii. SCU updates Nintendos official Channels without touching the system menu. Wack. 0, illinialex. Bionic Sonic, and Sif. Jar. WUFE Wii update File extractor. Nuke. Yet Another Wii NAND Dumper Wii NAND Dumper. Just like the name says. PC utilities Title. App Viewer Reads information of apps from SD card. Roboprez. ARC Extractor Extracts the content of. ASH Extractor Can extract ASH0 files, which are mostly used by Nintendo. ASH tools Allows you to edit and make custom textures for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Benzin Is an application for the PC that is intended as an open source alternative to Alameda. Squid. Manbinconv Convert Nintendo Channel. Yellows. 8Crazy Installer Allows the creation of installers for custom channels. Wii. CrazyI. R. on. Custom IOS Module Toolkit Allows the creation of custom IOS modules. Customize. Mii Creates custom channels for your homebrew applications. Leathl. Dollz Compresses DOL files.