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Wireless for the Warrior The history of British Army radioLouis Meulstees web siteHome page. Wireless for the Warrior Compendium 1 to 7. Wireless for the Warrior Volume 1 to 4. You may reach me by e mail at the following address louis at wftw dot nl. The Wft. W Compendium series is a new addition to the Wireless for the Warrior range. The new series is principally intended as practical. The. books  are particularly valuable to anyone with an interest, professionally or otherwise. Containing condensed data summaries, liberally illustrated with photos. Photographs on this site. A large proportion of photos on this site were taken by myself, in most cases from. Taken in the late 1. I intend to redo these photos, time permitting. Any updates will be announced on the Whats New page. Full permission was obtained of the use of the other photos on this site. Serif Webplus X7 Product KeyFrom only. I am therefore grateful to receive information. It is to my opinion not practicable to bar copying or to spoil a photo with an ugly. As a rule. I have no objection to the use of my photos, but I would very much appreciate if. In most cases I can provide photos of a higher resolution. About this Site. Greetings from Ottersum in the Netherlands, and welcome to the home page of Louis. Meulstee, PA0. PCR, the author and editor of the WIRELESS FOR THE WARRIOR commonly. Wft. W range of books devoted to the technical history and development. British Army wireless radio. On this web site you will find. British Army. In addition there are posted various other topics for example. Serif Webplus X7 Review' title='Serif Webplus X7 Review' />Fullerphone, Air Sea rescue sets Gibson Girl. H. A. C. Short Wave Products kits, a gallery with mainly British WW2 radios, and more. The background colour of the pages on this site is not taken at random but matches the colour of British Army radio equipment in the early World. War 2 period. Recent changes to the site. The Wft. W web site was first launched in 1. HTML resources of that period. Home. Site 5 HTML editor. Windows 7. Because the Wft. W site had grown considerably over the years, the maintenance. Being a user of the. Serif Page. Plus X6 desk top publishing program, I decided to move to Serif Web. Plus. X6 as this companion program would provide much flexibility in maintaining a website. I retained as much as possible the original sites general layout and simplicity. A number. of the illustrations, produced with a first generation digital camera and scanner. Adobe Photoshop software. In order to reduce the number of pages. Russian sets previously posted in the Gallery. The Wft. W Books. The Wireless for the Warrior range of books comprising the Volume and Compendium. British Army from the very early days of wireless. Line equipment and military radio communication equipment from other. Compendiums. The books in the Wft. No more missed important software updates UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer. W Volume series are very detailed and include circuit diagrams. Generally no operational. A new medium term project on British Army mine detectors along with a selection of. Mine Detectors  An overview. British Army spanning the period from 1. Included will be. Blackberry 7290 Firmware. Germany, USA. and Russia. The emphasis will be laid on the technical history, difference in operation. Although I already had gathered quite a lot of information on this topic over the. This is an appeal for help in the form of scanned documents and in some cases better. I/5114f89bv0L.jpg' alt='Serif Webplus X7 Free Download' title='Serif Webplus X7 Free Download' />I have already done a thorough search on the Internet where some good reliable information. I was fortunate to have access to the relevant publications available from. The Wireless Set No. Group Royal Signals  www. Update Februari 2. Progress is slow, but the amount of incoming information is growing steadily, particularly. Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 Multiplayer Patch'>Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 Multiplayer Patch. Currently I have requirements for the following items Circuit diagrams of Detector Mine No. A Polish, No. 4, No. A and No. 6. More information and circuit diagram of 1. Russian IMVETA detector and the DIM. Good quality scans of circuit diagrams if possible complete. Russian VIM 2. 10, VIM 2. VIM 6. 25, VIM 6. B2 and VIM 6. 95 heterodyne. Almost anything I required on Russian detectors was supplied by Valeriy. RA3. CC, director of the Walt Gromov Radio Museum previously RKK Radio Museum. I. am still looking for  a circuit diagram of the IMVETA detector and any additional. Confirmation on local development, production and technical details including a. Magnetic Detector Mk. I to Mk. IV by Middle East Forces in. Palestine, before the introduction of the Mine Detector. No. 2 Polish. EMERs workshop manuals with the following numbers     B 3. Detector, Mine, No. Polish   Old series     B 3. Detector, Mine, No. Polish   Old series     B 3. JPG' alt='Serif Webplus X7 Tutorial' title='Serif Webplus X7 Tutorial' />Detector, Mine, Nos. A  Old series     B 3. Detector, Mine, No. A             Old series     B 3. Detector, Mine, No. X7             Old series     B 3. Serif-WebPlus-X8-v16.0.3.30-Latest-Version-Download.jpg' alt='Serif Webplus X7' title='Serif Webplus X7' />WebPlus has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase from our website. We are now focusing all our development efforts into the new Affinity Range. Serif Addons for WebPlus X8, X7 and X6 Free and premium Assets and plugins to enhance the look and usability of your site. The Wireless For The Warrior commonly referred to as WftW website is devoted to the technical history and development of British Army radio communication equipment. Thumbnails viewer, Cataloguer, Converter, File manager. Supports Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAWPhotoPaintDESIGNER, Serif, FlexiSIGN, Xara as well as raster formats. Locator, Mine, No. Operator Instruction Cards for the Detector Mine No. Serif Webplus X7 Templates Free DownloadThumbnails viewer and file manager for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW, PhotoPaint, Corel DESIGNER, FreeHand, Xara X and Deneba Canvas files AI,CDR,CMX,CCX. Serif WebPlus Gallery A growing collection of quality websites built using Serif WebPlus Software. Professional Serif Templates for use in Serif WebPlus X8, X7 and X6. Simple drag and drop interface no need to learn HTML. Our templates come with masses of. Developers of desktop publishing and graphics software, products include PhotoPlus and DrawPlus editing and drawing packages, as well as WebPlus, PagePlus, and 3DPlus. Enhance the look and usability of your Serif WebPlus Website by using our free and premium addons, assets and plugins, with help files and first class support. A Polish, No. 4. C and No. See an example HERE. Handbook of Mine Detectors, Part I, II, III and V, The War Office. Published 1. 94. 44. Top of page. Version 1. August 2. 01. 5An appeal for information. Mine Detectors  An overview. Work on the Mine Detectors Overview is temporary stopped, not only for awaiting further. Wft. W Vol. 4 Supplement, a new project. The WFTW Volume and Compendium series of books are still in stock and readily available. For more information click HEREWft. W Vol. 4 Supplement. Chapters completed. Wireless for the Warrior Volume 4, Supplement, a free PDF follow up with new chapters. Download the already completed chapters and produce your own copy. Now on this site.