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Something Weird Is Happening With President Trumps Twitter. President Trump loves Twitter. Its a direct stream of consciousness rant about whatever pops into his mind or onto cable TV at any given second. But here at Gizmodo we cant help but notice that something is a little different this week. The presidents Twitter feed has become, dare we say, restrained Yes, restrained is all relative, and theres always the danger of saying that Donald Trump is pivoting at the precise moment that he shows us hes the same man he always was. But theres a noticeable change in his tweets from the past few days. Just take a look at his tweets from this morning Notice anything strange Yes, Trump is still tweeting out things in a bombastic manner that would be considered ridiculous by normal presidential standards. But if you look at his most recent tweets, there is a lot less attacking of his enemies and a lot more emphasis on what he sees as positive developments. And its been happening all week. Lately, President Trump has been tweeting about job growth and the stock market, even if hes taking credit for things that he may regret later. Boris Fx 10 Crack Mac Software. Stock markets have a way of correcting themselves, and you know he wont want to take credit for the inevitable downturn. But theres still much more positivity than there is negativity Granted, there have been a few attacks, even against his own party, but theyve been in the minority this week. Compare that with President Trumps Twitter rants from as recent as July 2. Saturday and Sunday where he went on unhinged, and far more typical, diatribes about witch hunts, fake news, foolish past leaders, and sprinkled his words liberally with exclamation points. Download Sou Marcelo Camelo Rar. On Saturday alone he sent thirteen tweets in his more usual style Or just take a look at the week before when he was railing against his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions. One theory for this shift would be the appointment of John Kelly as his Chief of Staff. Kelly is reportedly watching Trump like a hawk Its unlikely that Kelly is there for Trumps early morning tweets, but perhaps someone explained to Trump that it makes a lot more sense to emphasize what you view as the positive things happening in the country rather than the negative. Its Media Relations 1. US right now. Like I said, its entirely possible that were calling this one way too early. And obviously Trumps core values those of bigotry and racism havent changed. But he might be wising up from a purely aesthetic point of view, at least on Twitter. And for those who oppose the presidents discriminatory agenda, thats actually somewhat terrifying. If the president starts to hide his terrible agenda behind a veneer of pearly white smiles take a look at that photo above then he might actually get some things done with Congress. As a reminder, those things include massive tax cuts for the rich, deporting non criminal undocumented immigrants, and stripping health care from millions of Americans. Chilling, to say the least. Aqua Data Studio License Key' title='Aqua Data Studio License Key' />Latest trending topics being covered on ZDNet including Reviews, Tech Industry, Security, Hardware, Apple, and Windows. Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more. If youre in the same boat, and dont know if youre a neoNazi, Ive made a helpful guide to determine if you are. To be clear, the neo in neoNazi is. E Technology, Inc. Part Number Description List Partial List, More than 400kb Please note that some of the lists are quite long Please select company by. Free CSS Image Slider Responsive Mobile Friendly Slider Maker Included No Coding Works wo JS. The database recognizes 1,746,000 software titles and delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite with Key Crack. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite 10. Free full version download incl crack serial key license code x86. Job Interview Practice Test Why Do You Want This Job Answer this job interview question to determine if you are prepared for a successful job interview. How to Tell If Youre a Neo Nazi. Internet personalities Baked Alaska and Millennial Matt had a lot of fun at this past weekends white supremacist rallies. Well, until Baked Alaska was maced, I guess. They used tools like Twitter and You. Tube to bring their online followers into the heart of the racist action. But curiously, the two still insist that theyre not neo Nazis. So what the hell is a neo Nazi The rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia were the largest collection of white supremacists in the United States in at least two decades. It left one woman, 3. Heather Heyer, dead and dozens more injured. So its curious to see both Baked Alaska real name Tim Gionet and Millennial Matt real name Matthew Colligan insist that theyre not neo Nazis and that theyve never advocated violence. Im starting to think that maybe they dont know what words mean. If youre in the same boat, and dont know if youre a neo Nazi, Ive made a helpful guide to determine if you are. To be clear, the neo in neo Nazi is simply meant to differentiate between Nazis who were around in the 1. Nazi beliefs today but werent alive during Hitlers time. Sadly, there are still old school Nazis around, like 9. Michael Karkoc who massacred women and children and currently lives in Minnesota. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, youre a neo Nazi. Do you regularly tweet the 1. Words The so called 1. Words were coined by the late white supremacist David Lane and became a slogan for neo Nazis around the world. The 1. 4 Words read, We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Its not exactly subtle as far as Nazi slogans go. In 1. 98. 4, David Lane helped plot to kill Alan Berg, a Jewish radio talk show host, and acted as the getaway driver when he and his fellow neo Nazi scum shot and killed Berg in his driveway. Lane was sentenced to 1. Baked Alaska loves to tweet the 1. Words. He sends it to President Trump and he makes videos of it. Lots of videos of it. Yesterday, Baked Alaska tweeted his defense of the 1. Words, saying that theres nothing wrong with the slogan and that just because others have used them doesnt change the meaning. Anthony Robbins Personal Power 2 there. Its unclear if he understands the origin of the phrase, but he certainly understands that it means white advocacy. But even if he has no idea that it was coined by a murderous white supremacist thug, its still a poisonous idea that has no place in society. If you tweet the 1. Words youre a neo Nazi. Do you say Hitler did nothing wrong Some people insist that Baked Alaska and Millennial Matt cant be neo Nazis because theyre simply saying outrageous things to get a rise out of people. One of those things is that Hitler did nothing wrong. But at some point youre no longer trolling and youre simply stating what you believe. Millennial Matt has said Hitler did nothing wrong so many times that its become his catchphrase. He says it on radio, in tweets, and in videos. But what the hell does such a phrase mean Adolf Hitler systematically killed millions of Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust. Saying he did nothing wrong is an endorsement of those deaths. Amazingly, Millennial Matt says that hes never advocated for violence against anyone. In a weepy You. Tube post he whined that people were now threatening his life after he attended the rallies in Virginia. Theres nothing funny about threatening peoples lives, he said. But when you say that Hitler did nothing wrong you are explicitly advocating for violence against nonwhite people. Thats explicitly what Hitler did. Its kind of what hes known for. When you say Hitler did nothing wrong, and you say it so many times that people start to riff on it with jokes about other people who did nothing wrong youre advocating for violence. Thats kind of how this works. If you say Hitler did nothing wrong, youre a neo Nazi. Have you attended a rally with people giving Hitler salutesThe salute goes by a lot of names The Roman salute, the Hitler salute, and the Bellamy salute. But it only has one meaning since it was adopted by the Nazis in the 1. It means youre a neo Nazi. Baked Alaska documented his trip from his home in Los Angeles to Virginia on Twitter and You. Tube for all the world to see. And one of his most frightening videos came from Friday during the infamous tiki torchlight riot. Baked Alaska shot video as his fellow marchers viciously assaulted non violent counter protesters. They can be seen in the video beating people with their torches. The counter protestors later described fearing for their lives. And when Baked Alaska pans around in the crowd, you can clearly see people giving Nazi salutes as they chant white lives matter. If you attend a rally with people giving Hitler salutes, youre a neo Nazi. Do you shout hail victory while carrying a torch in public Did you see footage of people shouting hail victory at the rallies this weekend Its the English translation of sieg heil, the notorious Nazi slogan. Baked Alaska shot video of himself saying just that. They thought we werent going to stand up, Baked Alaska shouts into the camera. Guess what, were standing up for our rights Were proud to be whiteWere proud to be white, brother, he continued while shaking hands with another white supremacist. Hail victory Hell yeahThank you, love you guys. If you shout hail victory while carrying a torch in public, youre a neo Nazi. Do you deny that the Holocaust happened Holocaust denial is pretty much textbook neo Nazism. And Millennial Matt peddles in it constantly. At the 5. 2 minute mark during the livestream from Virginia, Millennial Matt encourages viewers to look into revisionist history. Revisionist history often hinges on the belief that historians are lying about the fact that Nazi Germany executed millions of people. The history that they taught you in middle school is not factually accurate, Millennial Matt tells his viewers. The reason that they teach you the civil rights movement and slavery in middle school is because you havent fully developed your brain yet. If you wonder why people emotionally react when you talk about slavery, when you talk about the Holocaust, the reason people emotionally reaction is because they taught this to you before you were even old enough to realize what it is they were teaching you, he continued. The history that they teach you about the Holocaust is not factually accurate whatsoever, he says. The truth is, the Holocaust is one of the biggest hoaxes in world history, he said. Its one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated against the human race. If you deny the Holocaust youre a neo Nazi. Do you believe Americas treatment of Nazis was worse than the Holocaust Aside from believing that the history of the Holocaust isnt accurate, Millennial Matt also believes that Nazi soldiers were treated more poorly than Jews during World War II. He goes so far as to compare Auschwitz, where an estimated 1. If you believe Americas treatment of Nazis was worse than the Holocaust youre a neo Nazi. Do you publish photos of Jewish people you disagree with in gas chambers Baked Alaska also enjoys publishing photoshopped photos of Jewish people he doesnt like in gas chambers. President Trump is often depicted as the one administering the gas, dressed in Nazi regalia. Baked Alaska was even temporarily banned for doing it, but insists hed do it all over again.