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Gas-Installation-Part-2-Caravans-and-Boats.jpg' alt='Australian Standard As 5601 Gas Installations' title='Australian Standard As 5601 Gas Installations' />The Couta Group encompasses a family of brands with a singular focus on providing high quality, innovative and cost effective products to the plumbing and. View and Download VulcanHart 648 Series owners manual and installation instructions online. Gas Domestic Outdoor Water Heater. Series Water Heater pdf manual. Splashback regulations BUILD    Your splashback will need to meet the necessary Australian Standards in terms of its construction and installation. Image by Earp Bros. The regulations that apply to how your splashback needs to be constructed will depend partially on the materials you choose to use, and partially on basic requirements under the Building Code of Australia. Materials and regulations. Download Farming Simulator 15 Pc Repack'>Download Farming Simulator 15 Pc Repack. If youre considering a glass splashback, for example, it must comply with the AustraliaNew Zealand Standard ASNZS 1. In fact, youll even need a letter from the architect, designer, glass supplier or glass manufacturer to certify that the glass is suitable for the purpose for which its been designed. The glass manufacturer or supplier will recommend minimum clearance from the nearest gas burner to the surface of the glass splashback. However, fixing 5mm thick ceramic tiles to the surface will satisfy the necessary requirements. Splashbacks and gas. Most installation requirements relating to splashbacks have to do with gas. When you consider that many splashbacks will be built behind ovens and other cooking implements, this is an important factor so you dont burst a gas pipe or blow yourself up. Advertisement. Combustible splashbacks installed behind open flame gas cooktops are carefully regulated in order to prevent them from catching or spreading fire. Poser 8 Full Version Mac. GasTrac_image_web_Nov2016.png' alt='Australian Standard As 5601 Gas Installations' title='Australian Standard As 5601 Gas Installations' />These regulations are specifically contained within the requiremens for the installation of gas appliances. Combustible materials generally include things like acrylic splashbacks, timber splashbacks and similarly susceptible materials. Many builders and designers believe understandably that glass and stainless steel are non combustible materials however both conduct heat fairly well, and if theyre too close to a gas burner they can easily transfer heat to the unprotected substrate material or timber framing behind them which as you can imagine may easily end in disaster. A clearance between the nearest gas burner to any combustible splashback of 2. Any less than 2. 00mm and you will need your builder to do a little bit of work to make it safe. If you have a stainless steel or glass splashback, youll need to install a fire resistant board up to the same distance 2. AS 5. 60. 1AG 6. Gas Installations, Appendix C substrate. There are exceptions to this rule if clear documentation can be supplied that demonstrates that the fixing method will ensure that the temperature of the combustible surface wont exceed 6. Celsius above ambient temperature during normal operation, then a fire resistant board isnt necessary. Electric cooktops and splashbacks. Evacuated tube solar hot water systems technical manual june 2013. View as PDF. This information sheet explains the clearance distances required between domestic gas cookers and combustible surfaces. Australian and New Zealand. Back to top. 12. Definitions 12. The Act. Means the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. The ADRs. The ADRs mean the Australian Design Rules. Note The Australian. Celebrating 50 Years of Service to Australian Industry Acromet Aust Pty Ltd design and manufacture innovative solutions for a wide range of system applications. The same rules dont apply to electric cooktops. If you have a combustible splashback adjacent to an electric cooktop, for example, this has no regulated minimum clearance however your builder will still need to follow the basic minimum clearance guidelines set out in AG6.