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How to Find a Lost Bluetooth Device. The number of Bluetooth enabled devices in the world is expanding rapidly. From wireless headsets to fitness trackers to speaker docks. Everything electronic seems to have a Bluetooth connection as a feature. Advances in battery life and technologies such as the Bluetooth Low Energy standards have given rise to smaller more compact devices such as ultra small lightweight headsets, Fitbits, etc. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the Notebook 7 spin 13. Find the perfect Windows Laptops for youBluetooth Signal Strength Windows 7The big problem is that when things get smaller they can also get lost more easily. I have personally lost one or 2 Bluetooth headsets in the past year alone. When you set up a Bluetooth device, you usually pair it to another device, For instance youll pair a headset to a phone, or a phone to a car speakerphone audio system. This pairing mechanism is critical to helping you find a lost Bluetooth device and well show you how and why in a minute Ive Lost My Bluetooth device headset, Fitbit, etc Now What As long as your headset or device still has some battery life and was turned on when you lost it, the odds are pretty good that you still will be able to find it with the assistance of a smartphone and a special app. In order to find your device, youre going to need to download a Bluetooth scanning app. Bluetooth Signal Strength Windows 7' title='Bluetooth Signal Strength Windows 7' />Experience superior wireless listening at its finest with the Harman Kardon Onyx Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker. A fullfeatured portable model, the Onyx Mini is. In the Bluetooth scanning app locate the missing Bluetooth item in the list of found devices and make a note of its signal strength. If its not showing up. There are several of these apps available for both i. OS and Android based Phones and Tablets. Step 1 Download a Bluetooth Scanner App. Before you begin the hunt, you need the right tool. You should download and install a Bluetooth scanner app on your phone. The scanner app will show you a list of all the Bluetooth devices in the area that are broadcasting and should also show you one other important bit of information that will help you locate the device signal strength. Bluetooth signal strength is usually measured in Decibel milliwatts d. Bm. The higher the number or the closer the negative number is to zero the better. For instance 1 d. Bm is a much stronger signal than 1. Download Kagan Cooperative Learning Timer Tools Software more. Bm. I wont bore you with all the complicated math, just know that you want to see a number closer to zero or above it. There are several Bluetooth scanner apps that are available for various types of smartphones. Easy Html5 Video Converter Crack Full. If you have an i. OS based phone or other Bluetooth enabled device, you may want to check out Bluetooth Smart Scanner by Ace Sensor. This free app can locate Bluetooth devices in the area including low energy types according to the app information page. There are other options, search Bluetooth Scanner to find more app choices. Android users may want to check out Bluetooth Finder on the Google Play App Store, It provide similar functionality as the i. Phone App. A similar app  for Windows based phones is available as well. Step 2 Make Sure Bluetooth is Active on Your Phone. Half Life Source Content Gmod For. Your Bluetooth device wont be able to be located if your phones Bluetooth radio is turned off. Make sure you turn Bluetooth on in your phones settings before using the Bluetooth locator apps downloaded in the previous step. Step 3 Begin Your Quest to Find Your Missing Bluetooth Device. Now the game of electronic Marco Polo begins. In the Bluetooth scanning app locate the missing Bluetooth item in the list of found devices and make a note of its signal strength. If its not showing up, start moving around the location you think you may have left it until it shows up on the list. Once the item has shown up on the list then you can begin to try to locate its exact location. Youll basically start playing a game of hot or cold. If the signal strength drops i. Bm to 1. 0 d. Bm then you are further away from the device, If the signal strength improves i. Bm to 1 d. Bm then you are getting warmer. Other Methods If youve lost something such as a headset, you could also try to send some loud music to it via your phones music app. Since most Bluetooth headsets volume can also be controlled by the phone, you could crank the volume all the way up. If the searching environment is fairly quiet, you might be able to locate it by listening for the music coming out of the earpieces on the headset. ON Audio Tailgater Bluetooth Speaker. My most favorite recent electronics purchase. I bought this to use at a weekly exercise dance class at the local gym. I find I use it for everything now In the garage while working, outside while doing yard work, quick connect to TV if have people over watching a game, heck sometimes I just leave it powered up on the way home from gym and jam it sitting in the back seat. Plenty of power, NO distortion even when max volume. Good radio reception and the Battery is AWESOME. I can go two weeks before I charge it. USB Port is for charging only, Max charge rate is 1. A. But since cloud and unlimited streaming music has come around. Wish it had a built in storage for MIC and power cable but o well. I charge at home and seldom bother even bringing power cord. In case you have low audio, Heres a hint I have one Android phone that has a terrible audio output level, regardless if using Bluetooth or Line In. However, I simply plug the phone into the MIC jack, using a 14 to 18 stereo headphone adapter not included and it works as a high level input and boosts the signal. Heres a Cool Feature You can use any input or any source, at any time. Simply put theres no restriction on when you can use an input. You can use bluetooth, MIC, or line in independently, all simultaneously or even with live radio. Great for live mixes between multiple sources or Kareoke.