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Home Categories. News from JTF Awesome News and updates from the manufacturers, training organizations, and retailers who help us keep the lights on. Bortac Training Course' title='Bortac Training Course' />Miracle Systems. Com 3C509 Drivers more. Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems C UAS Support, Barksdale Posted Date 1st. Nov, 2. 01. 7New        Job ID 2. BARKSDALECUASGENERAL DESCRIPTION We are looking for one 1 qualified candidate to assume the roles of Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems C UAS Support in Barksdale AFB LA. The position needs to be filled immediately. Tasks. 1. 5. 2. 1. The contractor shall provide requirements generation to support to C UAS acquisition efforts using the JCIDS process to include CONOPS, CONEMPS, JA ROE development and coordination, test planning, execution and reporting. N45cQq4d9Yk/UNF9PNboD9I/AAAAAAAAAKg/U1QkaYxu1Pk/s1600/Personal+Trainer+in+London.jpg' alt='Bortac Training Course' title='Bortac Training Course' />Bortac Training CourseBORTAC is an initialism for the United States Border Patrol Tactical Unit. BORTAC is the tacticalspecial response arm of the United States Border Patrol. The contractor shall develop C UAS Tactics, Training, and procedure development for fielding. The contractor shall maintain a working knowledge of relevant FCC, FAA and DOD requirements for C UAS operations. The contractor shall maintain in depth knowledge of UAS and C UAS capabilities trends and advancements to keep abreast of emergent threats. CME must meet the following requirements CME must possess a Top Secret TS Clearance or previously held a TS which has expired not revoked. An active Secret Clearance at start of contract is acceptable but CME was be eligible for TS and submitted for TS immediately after contract award. CME must possess a minimum of five 5 years of experience developing plans and strategies at the strategic level as described in Air force Doctrine Document 1 1 dated 1. February 2. 01. 5 of an organization. CME must possess a minimum of five 5 years of experience with C UAS programs to include tactics, training and procedure development for the field and have a working knowledge of relevant FCC, FAA, and DOD requirements for C UAS operations. POSITION LOCATIONWork Location Barksdale AFB LAContract AFGSC A4 About Miracle Systems Miracle Systems is a proven federal Prime contractor supporting agencies like US Department of State DOS, US Department of Justice DOJ, US Air Force, Securities and Exchange Commission SEC, Department of Homeland Security HQ and Transportation Security Administration TSA. Founded in 2. 00. Miracle Systems is a mature 8a small business with 9. Prime contracting positions. Send Resume to HR, Miracle Systems LLC, 1. N Kent St, Suite 1. Arlington, VA 2. 22. Senior Counterterrorism Advisor SCTA, Cameroon Posted Date 2. Oct, 2. 01. 7New        Job ID 2. YAOUNDESCAGENERAL DESCRIPTION Miracle Systems was recently awarded a support contract with the Department of State, Office of Antiterrorism Assistance DSATA. Our Task Improve mission performance for mountain and tactical athletes and keep them safe. The DHS Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms DAAT list contains homeland security related acronyms, abbreviations, and terms that can be found in DHS documents. The Hostage Rescue Team HRT is the elite Police Tactical Unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI. The HRT was formed to provide a full time. Fotolia_79724796_M-1024x682.jpg' alt='Bortac Training Course' title='Bortac Training Course' />We are looking for one 1 qualified candidate to assume the roles of Senior Counterterrorism Advisor SCTA in Yaound, Cameroon. The position needs to be filled immediately. Overview The Senior Counterterrorism Advisor SCTA will serve as a national level strategic, operational and administrative advisor to host nation security forces in Niger. The SCTA will be responsible for the implementation of program objectives set forth by the Office of Antiterrorism Assistance DSTATA. The SCTA serves as the senior in country DSTATA authoritative interface between select national level Host Nation Security Forces HNSF officials, the Regional Security Office RSO, and all Chief of Mission COM stakeholders. The SCTA provides strategic guidance on planning and processes that build and sustain counterterrorism programs and operational units. The SCTA is responsible for increasing HNSF capacity by developing the subject matter expertise, promoting counterterrorism best practices, long term sustainability, internal and external accountability, interagency coordination, integration of human rights and community engagement. The SCTA develops and maintains sustainment training schedules, monitors local national instructors, participates in ATA training deliveries, and develops sustainable organizational capabilities to manage resources and support the performance of functional duties. The SCTA administratively reports to DSTATA in Washington, D. C., and to the RSO abroad. Overseas deployment may involve long and strenuous travel and living under adverse conditions. The security situation at the deployment locations may be extremely volatile and the incumbent will be required to use personal protective equipment and exercise special safety precautions. Additionally, unscheduled night, weekend, and holiday work may be required. MAJOR DUTIESAssigned to the Regional Security Office to provide strategic, operational and administrative guidance to national level host nation officials for DSTATA in country training programs. Advise and mentor on strategic planning and processes that enhance organizational design and efficiency and law enforcement capability through direct, frequent, engagements with senior HNSF officials. Mentor senior HNSF officials on counterterrorism and law enforcement best practices that include, but are not limited to, developing antiterrorism training programs establishing and developing rural border patrol unit operations, establishing and implementing crisis response units establishing and implementing EOD units managing critical incidents developing intelligence led policing and coordinating information and resources with interagency and potentially other nation security forces. Advise on the development of sustainable organizational capabilities through strategic planning across numerous functional areas to include budget and procurement human resources policy, planning and operations internal and external accountability community engagement strategic communication and reporting and training management and administration. Assist HNSF in the development of law enforcement and rural border control unit standard operating procedures and integration into national response policies. Provides guidance and support on operational matters concerning DSTATA training deliveries and other Embassy stakeholders as necessary. Gta San Andreas Ronald Mcdonald Programs on this page. Serve as on site monitor and provides pre deployment orientation, preparation, and support for attendees of training in the US or at third country training centers. Responsible for conducting classroom instruction and facilitating training activities utilizing DSTATA developed or approved curriculum in accordance with guidelines and directives set forth by DSTATA. Maintains and manages grantloan equipment inventories to partner nations, coordinates with Embassy management on all DSTATA and Regional Security Office inventory and reporting and acquisition requirements. In locations without an ATA Resident Program Manager, regularly briefs the RSO, Ambassador, Deputy Chief of Mission andor other stakeholders on program developments and sustainment training activities. Monitors compliance with U. S. and foreign laws, regulations, directives, standards, and policies. Responsible for completing all monitoring, evaluation, and reporting requirements set forth by DSTATA. Completes a monthly checklist to ensure program management concerns are documented and milestones are being met. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONSSKILLSMust be US citizen and possess or be able to obtain a SECRET clearance. Instructor certification from a recognized local, county, municipal, state, or federal law enforcement institution or military organization. Fifteen 1. 5 years of experience as a full time, law enforcement officer in a U.