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When discussing sniper rifles from around the world, there are a few rifles that are held in reverence and discussed with awe and held on a pedestal. These rifles are the classics, the ones that perform to mythical abilities. Some of them would include the Walther WA2. No. 4Mk. 1T and how it supposedly became more accurate the further out the target was. Another one of these legendary rifles is the H K PSG 1, which when it was developed in the 1. The question that many people ask, or at least think, is whether the actual rifle lives up to the hype and mythical status, and that brings us to the write up here. We recently had the opportunity to actually spend some time examining, and even firing a first generation H K PSG 1 to see if the mythical reputation had any basis in actual capability and fact. The PSG 1 we had the opportunity to use was a full kit that included everything like the original Hensoldt scope, spare magazines, harris bipod, all the way to the very unique tripod. Everything came from H K in a metal case with hard foam that was cut out to hold all of the parts and accessories as you can see in the photo above. The rifle itself is not light and when combined with the accessories and the metal case, the entire package weighed a lot. The case with its formed foam kept the rifle is securely held in place and in terms of transporting or storing the rifle, it was a nice setup. Transformers 1 Full Movie there. The Munich Massacre at the 1. Olympics spurred the development of new tactics for counter terrorism teams, including the development of the German GSG9, and one of the short falls of their capabilities was the inability to rapidly engage multiple targets by their snipers. This lead to the demand for a rifle that was semi automatic yet extremely precise. H K took up the task of trying to answer their needs with the development of the PSG 1. The rifle is based on the tried and true G3 battle rifle, but in order to obtain the accuracy and capability desired, a significant amount of modifications had to be done. The end result is one of the most timeless and classic sniper rifle designs out there, and it certainly has become one of the most iconic. When converting a G3 battle rifle to a high precision sniper rifle, H K could not just leave the standard G3HK9. The polymer buttstock that was used on the PSG 1 is of a unique design that has since been copied in some degree by many manufacturers and similar stocks are available for AR platforms. If you look closely, you will notice the traditional G3 drop in the butt stock is there, but now there is an adjustable cheekpiece that raises and lowers to align the shooters eye with the scope. There is a knurled handled tool that stores in a holding location below and to the rear of the cheekpiece. This tool is inserted and used to loosen and tighten the cheekpiece to move it to the desired height. This allows for adjusting the rifle to fit the shooter precisely. There is a good recoil pad on the butt stock as well for recoil absorption. The cheekpiece is quiet comfortable though perhaps a bit slippery when the shooters face is wet or sweaty. There is also a loop attachment point on the left hand side of the buttstock for the sling to be attached. Having the the sling attach points on the side allows for the rifle to lay flat against the operators back when the rifle is slung over the shoulder. The action started life as a standard G3 battle rifle, but one of the things that H K determined they needed to do was to strengthen the action walls itself, considering that the action was pretty much just stamped steel sheets. To stiffen the sides H K added some stiffeners which bulk up the action and of course add weight, but it was needed to help with accuracy. Additionally H K added what it called the silent bolt closing device. Today this is more commonly known as a forward bolt assist. The intent of the silent bolt closing device on the PSG 1 was to allow the operator to slowly and silently ride the bolt forward with the cocking handle and then to use the bolt closing device to tap it shut to insure the bolt was forward and ready to fire. Below the action is the pistol grip which in and of itself has become another iconic part of the rifle. The pistol grip is ergonomically excellent and extremely comfortable. There are small grooves to allow finger placement and the trigger finger is perfectly placed for excellent trigger control. On the bottom of the pistol grip is a palm shelf that allows support of the firing hand to prevent additional effort and strain from being exerted holding the firing hand on the pistol grip. We cannot say definitively if the PSG 1 is the first rifle to use a palm shelf, but if it was not, it was certainly one of the earliest. Again, this design has been copied by several grip manufacturers for AR and other rifles, and for good reason, it works very well. The shelf itself is adjustable to some degree and can be removed as well. The fire selector switch is located in the same location on the left hand side of the action as a typical G3 and it is large and easily operator by the thumb of the firing hand. Beyond the selector switch only having safe and fire, and no full automatic, the controls and functions on the PSG 1 are the same as those on the G3. By necessity, the trigger group had to be something completely different and new than what was used on the G3. The G3 is a fine battle rifle, but it was made for infantry use and is robust and durableprecision wasnt a number one priority and the triggers reflect this. H K developed an entire new trigger group for the PSG 1 that is very impressive. It is adjustable for weight of pull and the PSG 1 reviewed here had the trigger set precisely at 3 lbs. It broke cleanly and was very repeatable right at that 3 lbs every time. The trigger shoe is nearly a flat shoe with not a lot of curve to it and there is a slip on shoe that fits over the top to give it a bit wider feel. Yes, there are better triggers out there today, but for a 3. The foreward handguard on the PSG 1 is long and has a triangle shape to it. The charging handle is up front on the left hand side and it folds forward to keep out of the way when not in use. That triangle profile of the handguard gives it a flat bottom to give a flat surface for shooting from sandbags, on other obstacles, or even for offhand positional shooting, though the weight of the rifle is quite high to try that. The original PSG 1 package did not come with a Harris Bipod, but this one had one included, likely added later by one of the owners. But the original complete PSG 1 package provided a tripod that is an impressive engineering gem. No, the tripod certainly is not as practical as a lightweight bipod attached to the rifle, but it is adjustable in many different ways and is finely crafted. The barrel on the PSG 1 is nearly 2. G3. It has a heavy profile with polygonal rifling and is free floated to maximize accuracy. There are no external sights on the barrel and as was the norm back in the 8. The finish on the barrel is a semi flat black bluing that is very smooth and even throughout the entire rifle. The function and operation of the PSG 1 is exactly like that of the G3. It uses the same magazines, of which a couple of 5 and 2. The magazine release is in the same location as are the previously mentioned charging handle and fire control lever.