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OK guys, you were so valuable on valuing my walther ppk I thought Id dig out another for you to assess. Its a Colt AR15 model SP1 I purchased new. Reports in the Guardian and Financial Times both indicated the UK is set to ban the sale of all diesel and petrolburning cars and vans by the year 2040 as part of an. Glock Serial Number Research Project The Leading Glock Forum and Community. Is someone else interested in taking over this thread I will transfer the raw data to someone who will spend the time to update it everyday. Colt Ar 15 Post Ban Serial Numbers' title='Colt Ar 15 Post Ban Serial Numbers' />Colt Ar 15 Post Ban Serial NumbersColt Ar 15 Post Ban Serial NumbersI apologize, but I just dont have time to property keep this thread up. THIS IS A DATABASE OF OWNER SUPPLIED DATA. IF YOU DONT FIND YOURS LISTED, LOOK IN YOUR PAPERWORK FOR THE LITTLE BROWN ENVELOPE CONTAINING TWO FIRED CASINGS. WHATS THE DATE ON THAT ENVELOPEColts representatives were fairly tightlipped about the project, but their excitement was palpable. The AR15 effort represents the second Colt. COLTS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LLC REVOLVERS SAA, 2ND GENERATION 19561975 MFG. DONT HAVE IT THEN PLEASE CALL GLOCK AND ASK THEM. Please report any broken links to me so that I can fix them. Id also like to update some of the pics below, showing the different generations rails slide serrations rtf. Quick links to specific serial number ranges lt a hrefpost. AA ZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. AAA AZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. BAA BZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. CAA CZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. DAA DZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. EAA EZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. FAA FZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. GAA GZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. HAA HZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. KAA KZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. LAA LZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. MAA MZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. NAA NZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. PAA PZZlt a, lt a hrefpost. RAA RZZlt a. Colt Ar 15 Post Ban Serial NumbersColt Ar 15 Post Ban Serial NumbersYou may notice that this thread has changed owners. I think we all owe Dandapani a thank you for keeping up with this information for the last couple of years. His old thead has been locked. The purpose of this list is to be a resource for people who wonder what the 8. Glock is, and to provide a historical record, which, if ever it is complete enough, can indicate some information about caliber trends, model popularity, production changes, etc. To participate in this list, all you need to do is the following 1. Peruse the list REVIEW THIS PAGE ONLY to determine if your serial number prefix either two letter for the older models or three letter for the newer ones is on the list. If its information is complete and correct, please don 8. Once you 8. POST your information in the following order and format ABC G 1. January 2. 01. 2 3rd Gen. Other infor. For example AA G 1. October 1. 98. 6 1st Gen. Austrian markings Serial number Alpha prefix either two or three letters, depending on the age of your Glock. Please include ALL the letters at the beginning of the serial number. Glock model in this format G 1. G 1. 7L, G 1. 9, G 2. If it 8. 21. C 8. C. Born on date, if known. If you 8. 21. Glock, Glockmeister, or another dating service, let us know its born on date. If you have a newer Glock with the fired casings in an envelope, use the date on the envelope, as it 8. If you live in a state where the dealer has to keep thoseturn those i MD, NY, ask him for the date, before he takes the envelope. Generation. This can be confusing. Please look at the picture below 1st Generation has the smooth, rounded 8. Generation has the 8. Grenade style 8. NO fingergrooves see picture. Generation has BOTH fingergrooves AND accessory rail on the front dustcover. If you have a subcompact G 2. OR a 8. 22. Glock was putting fingergrooves but no accessory rail, then you have a 2. Generation. There is even a slight variation here, as some of the earliest G 2. G 2. 7s had smooth fingergrooves, without checkering in between the grooves. Some people do not count the sub compacts as 2. Gen since they came out after the 3rd Gen frames were already being made. Note newer 2. 9, 3. Originally posted by Butch The only Glocks that came with generation 1 frames were models 1. L, 1. 8, and a small number of G1. The first Glocks with the finger groove frames were the G2. G2. 7. The first Glocks that were originally made with generation three frames were the G3. G3. 5. Any special information you may know, such as if it is a commemorative, police marked, has the new style box, is affected by the frame recall, has Austrian proof marks, has the new loaded chamber indicator extractor, has the 3rd frame pin on newer G 1. Please be brief and stick to that information which is needed. Some special and commemorative serial numbers that dont fit the general pattern XXXXXBCT G 2. Gen. Marked Property of Bexar County, Texas, These are pistols issued to the Bexar County, Texas Sheriffs Department. XXXDPD G 2. 2 Sept. Detroit PD per Glock. XXX DPD G 2. 2 February 1. Gen. Detroit PD unissued Verified via Glock, Inc. DPD G 2. 3 February 2. Gen. Detroit P, Verified via Glock, Inc. FC G 2. 3C Unknown 3rd Gen. Marked Fulton County, Ga. Sheriffs Dept. on right side of slide. KHP G 2. 1 Unknown 2nd Gen. Badge and Kansas Highway Patrol on rside of slide. G0. XX G 1. 7 Unknown 1st Gen. Complete parts gun, replacement frame, replacement slide S6. XX, replacement barrel No number. T0 G 1. 7T Unknown 2nd Gen. TO, T oh, listed below, might be typoT1. XX G 1. 7T Unknown 3rd Gen. Blue trainer, uses 9mm FX ammo, found in a photo by Lunde. AAAxxxx G 1. 9 1. Gen. Defense Set. AABxxxx G 2. 6 1. Gen. Defense Set. AACxxxx G 2. 3 1. Gen. Defense Set. AADxxxx G 2. 7 1. Gen. Defense Set. BCPD0. 36 G 3. March 2. Where Do You Download Apps For Jailbroken Ipad Means. Bergen county PD BELLxxxx G 2. December 1. 99. 6 2nd Gen. Bell HelicopterAtlantic Olympic Memorial, very special G 2. CMCxxx P9. M G 1. Unknown from German Government http i. MauserprovuistvuurwapensGlock. P9m. jpg. GAO XXDOT G 2. Unknown 2nd Gen. Georgia Dept of Transportation. GA G 2. 2 January 1. Gen. serial GAnnn. DOT, police trade in. JKL G 2. 1 2. Gen. Marked on right side slide Fairbanks Police 1. MCSD G 2. 2 0. County Sheriff 8. Dept. dated by Top. Glock MCSDMOHP G 2. October 1. 99. 3 3rd Gen. Missouri Highway Patrol, has badge and MSHP on the left side of the slide MPDC G 1. September 1. 99. 0 2nd Gen. NSP G 2. 1 Unknown 3rd Gen. Marked with Nebraska State Patrol logo on right of slide. P JO G 2. 2P Unknown 3rd Practice Pistol Orange FrameRSR No US G 3. RSR Wholesale special run. SAxxxx. TX G 2. March 1. Gen. San Antonio Police Department, dated Top. Glock SATXUSA0 No US G 1. February 2. 00. 2 American Heroes Commemorative. USA1 No US G 2. May 2. American Heroes Commemorative. USA2 No US G 2. July 2. American Heroes Commemorative Notes This is an update of the Glock Serial Number Research Project list started by Make. Mine. A1. 0mm. Some info from other threads Originally posted by trozau From glockfaq website with my added comments on frame gen start and G3. G3. 8 G3. 9 intro someone will correct my intro dates for 4. GAPs if they are wrong 1. Company founder Gaston Glock starts developing a gun. The Austrian army decides on the Glock 1. Glock intro1. 98. With service in the Norwegian army, the Glock leaves Austria. Glock Inc. in Smyrna, GA, established. G1. 8 introduced. G1. 7L and G1. 9 introduced. All Glocks get serrated frontstraps and backstraps comment added second gen frame starts within 1. Glock. 30fan, from Armorer course, 2nd Gen G 1. FG0. 001. 99. 0 G2. G2. 3 introduced the first ever. Buju Banton The Early Years Zip. S W guns. 19. G2. G2. 1 introduced. G2. 4 introduced. G2. 5 introduced. G2. 6 and G2. 7 introduced.