Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File

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Where is my Outlook PST file locatedI need to backup or make a copy of my mail folders in Outlook, which as you know are stored in something called a PST file. Ive looked everywhere and cant find it. Where does Outlook hide my email Where does Outlook keep my PST file PST stands for Personal STore as in your personal mail storage. PST files are actually fairly complex databases that contain your mail, your calendar, your contacts, and even more when you use Microsoft Offices Outlook mail program. Not to be confused with Outlook. Microsoft, which is completely unrelated. The default location has changed a time or two over the years. New introduction 2. In the previous version of macro SaveEmailDetails I used this statement to find Inbox Set FolderTgt CreateObjectOutlook. Application. Of course, theres always a chance that your PST is stored in some other, non default location. Rather than telling you where the default location is, lets use Outlook itself to tell you the exact path of your PST file and then use Windows itself to do the same. Using Outlook. Im using Outlook 2. The easiest and quickest way that I know of is to open the tree view of your folders, if you havent already. The default view is often something similar to this Underneath the File menu is a rightward pointing arrow. Click that to expose the full folder pane Each top level item represents a separate PST. In the example above, yahoo. Yahoo email account configured in Outlook 2. Google mail account which has been given its own PST file. In other versions of Outlook, you may see things called Personal Folders or Outlook Today. You may also see additional top level entries for other email accounts or PST files that you have opened manually. The key is that each top level item represents a separate PST. To find out about that PST, right click on the top level item and then select Properties That will give you the Properties dialog for that specific PST file Now click the Advanced button And there, right in the middle of everything, is the Filename and the full path to the PST. If its too long to display in the allotted space, you can click in the item and arrow back and forth to scroll the text right and left. Using Windows. A PST is just a file, so using Windows own built in search for files with the. PST. In Windows 8, I simply started typing Start screen, which means any file that ends in. I realize that its a little difficult to see above, but underneath the search box that appeared as soon as I started typing, I click Files to limit the search result to files as opposed to Apps or Settings. The result is that on the left, any PST files found are displayed. Hover the mouse over or tap and hold on a result for more details And of course, those details include the files location. This is an update to an article originally posted January 2. CumfacsasalvezmailurilesicontacteledinOu_F9D4/AccountSettingsOutlook2007.jpg' alt='Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File' title='Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File' />Recovery for Outlook. Recover pst, ost file. Recover Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003. Home page of Recovery for Outlook software. OutlookRecovery. Doit. Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File' title='Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File' />Due to the heavy email traffic and record keeping I have to create a new PST file in Outlook every month or so. So I need to be able to move all folders. Main features of PST Merger A free timesaving tool to merge Outlook PST files. This PST merging software safely merges two Microsoft Outlook PST files into a new file. For some Outlook users, they tend to use some special folder structure for daily work in the pst data file. But for a long time using the old data file, it will. Kernel PST Viewer is a free tool to browse through your PST files without using MS Outlook. Several IMAP server implementations, including older versions of Horde, work from the Inbox folder as a root folder. New folders can then indeed only be created. Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File' title='Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File' />Contacts. If your Outlook contacts are in the Personal Address Book theyre stored separately in a. If theyre in the Outlook Address Book they. Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File' title='Copy Outlook Folder Structure To New Pst File' />Follow these steps to repair your Outlook personal folder file. Inbox Repair tool, and you may also reference Video How to repair your Outlook Person. How To Hack Winlock Pro there. Does anyone know if theres a way to get a list of Outlook folders and their subfolders, entire structure without data there are times when needing to.