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Our aim is to provide you with the simplest method of downloading the newest versions of the best software. I know online means that the Viber contacts phone is on. So when it says online a moment ago or x minutes ago instead, what does it mean The app is available for free on the Google play store and Im sure youre going to find it extremely useful if you want to edit photos on the go. Picsart for WindowsXP,7,8 PCLaptop Free Download. Pics. Art Photo Studio is the place where everyone becomes a great artist It is the most popular free mobile photo editor with over 1. Users are constantly discovering new ways to unleash their inner artist using this app. Pics. Art is an amazing Android app using which you can create lots of graphics, animated pictures, different types of pictures and do almost all kinds of photo customization which you can do on your PC using any software. Bortac Training Course here. Pics. Art is a very powerful app but its not officially available for PC. The app is available for free on the Google play store and Im sure youre going to find it extremely useful if you want to edit photos on the go. The app already got millions of installs and its reviews says it all. Pics. Art for PC or Windows Computer free Download. You need to go through following steps to get this app on your PC. You need to first check that your PC has got latest version of graphics drivers otherwise this Blue. Stacks app wont work. Install Blue. Stacks app player on your PC. I Want To Download Free Viber For Laptop' title='I Want To Download Free Viber For Laptop' />Use Blue. Stacks search tool to find Pics. Art Android app. Youll find it on Google play store. Install the app by following on screen instructions. Thats all you need to do to get Pics. Art for PC or Windows computer free download. Features of Pics. Art The first amazing and very handy tool in Pics. Art is its drawing tool. Using this tool you can draw any kinds of graphical figures. Windows 10 Free Download for Windows 10, 8. Portable Download Windows 10 latest version 2017 free for windows 10, 8, 8. Did you know that there are apps you can download right now that let you make completely free video calls and video chat sessions through your desktop or laptop. Viber-8.png' alt='I Want To Download Free Viber For Laptop' title='I Want To Download Free Viber For Laptop' />The Pics. Art also got the photo editor using which you can do lots of customization on the pictures saved on your device. You can easily add special effects, frames, clip arts and lots of things on the pictures. The tool is provided with callouts, stickers, brushes, layers and different text styles which can be added to the picture youre creating. You can easily send pictures via emails or even by SMS to your friends. You can easily keep your own personal art galleries within the app which you can share with rest of the world through social networks. You can even apply live effects on the pictures within the camera app of your Android device. This is where the app becomes more useful. Viber Web Account Sign Up. I have again come with the new exciting app. Today I am talking about Viber and this post is about Viber Online Login for PC Viber Web Account Sign Up. Viber is one type of IM Instant Messaging app. It allows users to call friends, play games with them, share news and many more. Viber is one of the most popular IM apps with having 2. And 1. 00 million active monthly users. In todays post, I am going to guide you about Viber, how to use it online and how to log in Android and i. Phone. In short You will be capable of using Viber on your mobile as well as Laptop or PC. Viber Online Login using Manymo. If you dont have Android smartphone but still if you want to use it then, Mnaymo provides the solution for it. So you need just PC or Laptop to access it. Manymo is online Android Emulator, which allows the user to access any Android app online on PC. To do that the user needs to have an Internet connection and APK file which user wants to use. Mnaymo is best online Android Emulator because one doesnt need to download any software like Blue. Stacks, Andy, You. Wave, etc. First of all the user must have an APK file of the Viber, which is available on Google Play Store and download it from there. After downloading APK file save it on your PC. Then Open the web browser and visit Manymo. Here the user is required to create an account before using it. So now, the user have to sign up and fill some details to create an account. I advice you to choose trial version if you are visiting the first time and do not aware of features of this software. But if you want to choose paid version then you can do it. After creating an account, you will find a button Launch the app. Click on that and browse the APK file of Viber, which is downloaded earlier. So select Viber now in next step user will be asked to choose the screen resolution form given the choice. I recommend to choose full PC version if you are working on PC. So your app is ready to use now you can use all the features of Viber from your PC by using Online Login on Manymo. It is very easy. Isnt Enjoy calling and messaging with your friends and relatives. Viber Login for Android, i. Phone PCIf you are new to Viber and whether you are using Android, i. Phone or using it on PC. Then you must read this post which will guide you about how to log in for Android, i. Phone PC. First of all go to Googles Play store or Apples i. Tunes store according to your mobile phone. And download Viber. After doing that Install it. The user needs to enter mobile number because Viber uses the mobile number as an identifier to make calls. Then Viber will ask some permission to access your contact list to check who else using service. Then click continue After this a verification code will be sent to your device to verify the number. Now you can set up your profile by entering username and uploading Profile picture. On Viber or The user can import from Facebook account of the same user. So this process in same in Android and i. Phone. The user can also Log in via PC. The user can manage some activity regarding account online. For that user have to visit Official website of Viber and select log in option from it. If the user doesnt have the account, then one can create it online. To create new account user can click on Create Account button and enter some details as you do in the app. I have tried my best how to log in Viber on Android, i. Phone or PC if you have any doubt then share it with me. Now lets see some feature of Viber and comparison with Whats. App. Features of Viber. There are so many different and unique features that Viber possesses. With the help of Viber, the er user can share messages, make a call worldwide anywhere and in any country with the lowest charge than cellular voice data. I have mentioned many of features here. Easily and available for Android, i. Phone, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry devices. So the user can make the call and share messages on cross platform devices. Easy User Interface and nice look and theme. Provide the best quality of calling using Wi Fi and 3. G. The user can also make a Call non Viber mobile or landline numbers at low rates with Viber Out. Send Sticker in chat and download new stickers from sticker market. Create the group with 2. Follow the public chat of your favorite personality, celebrity. Delete message from receivers message box even after it has been sent. Add contact easily by scanning QR code. The user can use Viber on your tablet and phone simultaneously. It also supports for the Viber Desktop application on Windows and Mac. Free of cost without advertising. It is localized to Arabic, Catalan, Chinese SP, Chinese TR, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, and many more. So now you have understood Why Viber is so much popular and one of the most downloaded messaging and calling app in nowadays. Viber vs. Whats. App. If we are talking about messaging and calling app, then this topic of comparison between Viber and Whats. App is most hot favorite and logical too. Both are the extra ordinary app, and there is no doubt about it. Both have some similarities and differences as well. Viber is more popular for its calling feature and it has been there since launched it. But Whats. App is famous for message and multimedia file sharing. Last year Whats. App added calling feature and is not up to the mark as Viber. Viber allows the user to create group up to 2. Whats. App allows it 2. In Viber user can access and manage it from Log in online, so the user doesnt need the app to do this. But in Whats. App user need to use Whats. App web which is not possible without using the mobile app. In Whats. App user can share documents also and it is not possible in Viber till now. I have mentioned major differences here apart from this there are so many differences are there. I hope you have liked this article and got a whole idea about Viber and how to log in with different OS.