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JVZd97PBJAtd9KKIChHW_dMBSQ0=/700x0/product_images/full/e03da45a72f85b82017582243b16232b2221ad74.jpg' alt='Nicotine Patch Concerta' title='Nicotine Patch Concerta' />PT3 Flashcards Quizlet. A patient is admitted with severe hypertensive crisis. The nurse will anticipate administering which medication Sodium nitroprusside Nitropress IVA patient who travels frequently for business reports occasional instances of being unable to fall asleep. The patient tells the nurse that the job demands require staying up late and then getting up early for meetings. The nurse expects that the provider will prescribe which medication for this patient What information should be included in the education of patients treated with disulfiram Antabuse They should avoid any product containing alcohol while taking the drug and for 2 weeks after taking the drug. Nicotine Patch Concerta' title='Nicotine Patch Concerta' />The nurse educates a patient starting on procainamide. When possible adverse events are discussed, it is important to include the development ofA nurse compares the action of benzodiazepines with those of buspirone. Which statement is correct regarding buspirone It is not a CNS depressant. A patient who is starting treatment with an alpha. In a patient hospitalized with acute alcohol withdrawl, the nurse would expect to administer which class of drugsPain Management Policy Splitting Tables PDL Dosage Consolidation List SSDCPDLMainewithcriteria Index CabinetsFixtures ExteriorWalls findtext Flooring. Explains the medication amphetamine and dextroamphetamine Adderall, Adderall XR, two drugs used in combination to treat attentiondeficit hyperactivity disorder. A patient who has been taking an SSRI tells the nurse that the drug has caused reduced sexual performance, weight gain, and sedation. The nurse will suggest that the patient ask the provider about using which drugThe potassium sparing diuretic spironolactone Aldactone has been demonstrated to prolong survival as well as improve heart failure symptoms by Blocking receptors for aldosterone. Blurred vision, dry mouth, and constipation are adverse effects of antidepressants such as amitriptyline. How are these adverse effects classified A nurse is teaching a patient who will begin taking verapamil Calan for hypertension about the drugs side effects. Which statement by the patient indicates understanding of the teachingI may become constipated, so I should increase fluids and fiberWhich antihypertensive drugs are absolutely contraindicated for use in pregnant women Postural hypotension in patients taking drugs that promote venous dilation isMore intense and prolonged. Commons Httpclient 3.1 Jar here. A patient who has been using secobarbital for several months to treat insomnia tells the nurse that the prescriber has said the prescription will be changed to temazepam Restoril because it is safer. The patient asks why this agent is safer. Manual Para Cuatro Venezolano there. The nurse is correct in telling the patient that temazepam Only potentiates the action of endogenous gamma aminobutyric acid GABAThe ideal goal of any drug treatment program is Complete cessation of drug use. A patient with bipolar disorder has frequent manic episodes alternating with depressive episodes. The prescriber orders risperidone Risperdal in addition to the lithium Lithobid that the patient is already taking. The patient asks why another drug is needed. The nurse will tell the patient that the risperidone is used to Help control symptoms during manic episodes. A patient with bipolar disorder takes lamotrigine Lamictal. Which statement by the patient would prompt the nurse to hold the drug and notify the prescriber for further assessmentIve broken out in a rash on my chest and backA patient is admitted to the ER with a cocaine overdose. Which assessment parameter would take priority Ausculate the cardiac rate and rhythm. A patient who was in a motor vehicle accident sustained a severe head injury and is brought into the ED. The provider orders IV mannitol Osmitrol. The nurse knows that this is give toReduce intracranial pressure. A patient arrives in the ED acutely intoxicated and difficult to arouse. The patients friends tell the nurse that the patient took a handful of diazepam Valium pills while at a party several hours ago. The nurse will expect to administer which drug A patient who is an active alcoholic is admitted to the hospital for surgery. The nurse reviewing orders for this patient would be correct to question which post operative medication for this patient A patient is taking enalapril Vasotec. The nurse understands that patients taking this type of drug for heart failure need to be monitored carefully for A patient who has been taking an antihypertensive medication for several years is recovering from a myocardial infarction. The prescriber changes the patients medication to an ACE inhibitor. The patient asks the nurse why a new drug is necessary. What is the nurses response ACE Inhibitors can prevent or reverse pathological changes in the hearts structure. Which diuretic may be prescribed to counteract the potassium loss common with loop diuretics or thiazidesCocaine addicts prefer inhaling crack cocaine because Nearly instantaneous elevations result in intense responses. An adult patient who has been treated with hydralazine Apresoline complains of fever and joint pain. The nurse is concerned that the patient may have developed a syndrome similar to Systemic lupus erythematous. A patient who has undergone treatment for alcoholism several times, with relapse occurring shortly after each treatment, has just completed detoxification. The patient requests a medication to help maintain abstinence. Which drug will the nurse expect the provider to prescribeA patient with a history of hypertension is admitted for a procedure. If the patients arterial pressure decreases, which clinical manifestation would the nurse expect to see A patient who has been taking a medication with a side effect of drowsiness stops taking the medication after several weeks. The patient reports feeling anxious and jittery. The nurse understands that this response is due toA patient who wants to quit smoking has a prescription for varenicline Chantix, which will be used with a nicotine patch. The patient asks the nurse why the varenicline is necessary. Which statement by the nurse is correct The drug blocks nicotines access to pleasure receptorsA diabetic patient is recovering from a myocardial infarction but does not have symptoms of heart failure. The nurse will expect to teach this patient about ACE Inhibitors and beta blockers. Which two classes of antidysrhythmic drugs have nearly indentical cardiac effects Beta blockers and calcium channel blockers. A patient is taking a beta. The nurse is caring for this patient knows that this drug acts by increasing Which category of drugs is used for all types of anxiety disorders Selective serotonin reuptake inhinitors. Which diuretic agent would the nurse expect to produce the greatest volume of diuresisA prescriber has ordered propranolol Inderal for a patient with recurrent ventricular tachycardia. The nurse preparing to administer this drug will be concerned about what in the patients historyA patient describes feelings of anxiety and fear when speaking in front of an audience and is having difficulty at work because of an inability to present information at meetings three or four times each year. The patient is reluctant to take long term medications. The nurse will expect the provider to order which treatment Alprazolam Xanax as needed. A psychiatric nurse is caring for a drug addicted patient. The nurse knows that the goal of drug rehabilitation for this patient is A patient with diabetes develops hypertension. The nurse will anticipate administering which type of medication to treat hypertension in this patient A patient with hypertension is prescribed an angiotensin converting enzyme ACE inhibitor.