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Rolling Stones Outtakes TorrentRanked Rolling Stones Albums From Best to Worst. The Stones are having a busy year, so were taking a look back at their body of work. SomeGirlsAnother.jpg' alt='Rolling Stones Outtakes And Demos' title='Rolling Stones Outtakes And Demos' />THE ROLLING STONES EL MOCAMBO CLUB 1977 June 24, 2012 224 pm. Update June 25, 2012. A number of Bob Dylan tracks are no longer available for download. Dirty Work is the Rolling Stones 18th British and 20th American studio album. It was released on 24 March 1986 on the Rolling Stones label by CBS Records. Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier gives us a heroine whose sexual awakening causes supernatural havoc and a movie without a purpose Star stays behind the camera. The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London, England in 1962. The first stable lineup consisted of Brian Jones guitar, harmonica, Mick Jagger. Keno is the author of Rolling Thru The Stones, and the webmaster of the longest running online Stones message board Gasland, the webs biggest Stones fan site. The Rolling Stones are celebrating fifty years as a band this year, releasing two new songs, and playing a handful of shows, so we asked Keno to assess the recorded legacy of the everybodys favorite leathery blues rockers. Dirty Work 1. 98. Things werent going well between Mick Jagger and the rest of the band during the recording Dirty Work. J_o9MZt6kQg/VPoerueB5cI/AAAAAAAABdE/RV-avihRveA/s1600/Rolling%2BStones-Chess%2BChicago%2BOuttakes%2B1964.jpg' alt='Rolling Stones Outtakes Downloads Pirates' title='Rolling Stones Outtakes Downloads Pirates' />Rolling Stones Outtakes Some GirlsRolling Stones Outtakes And RaritiesHe was thinking of leaving the Stones, and he was putting more effort into his solo album, which pissed off Keith Richards and the rest of the group. Also, Charlie Watts was fighting his heroin habit and missed many sessions. There isnt a single JaggerRichards song on this album that I would call very good, though One Hit to the Body does come close. Listen One Hit to the Body. Steel Wheels 1. 98. Perhaps their most overrated album theres just nothing that exciting on here. Though Steel Wheels has plenty that youll want to skip over, Mixed Emotions and Rock in a Hard Place, are very nice indeed. Listen Mixed Emotions. Metamorphosis 1. This rarities compilation is worth checking out, mainly because of all the unreleased songs dating from 6. The best one is the Bill Wyman penned Downtown Suzie, from 1. Universal Music will issue a 50th anniversary deluxe edition of The Rolling Stones 1967 album Their Satanic Majesties Request in September. This set is one of the. Jiving Sister Fanny is another winner. Listen Downtown Suzie. Bridges to Babylon 1. Unfairly maligned, Bridges to Babylon isnt the Stones best album, but its not that bad. Saint of Me might be the only great song on here, but there are several good ones, like Low Down and Anybody Seen My Baby. Mainly, Babylon seems to suffer from too many different producers it just cant  decide what it wants to sound like. Listen Saint of Me. Undercover 1. 98. A very consistent album the tracks flow together well, and the title cut is easily the best one. Wanna Hold You, sung by Richards, sounds like a Beatles song from 6. I mean that as a compliment. Too Much Blood, on the other hand, is one of the strangest songs ever written by JaggerRichards youd expect these kinds of lyrics from Alice Cooper. Listen Undercover of the Night. Emotional Rescue 1. The title cut is the best song on here, though the playful Shes So Cold is also excellent. But beware this one contains the dreaded Indian Girl, too. Listen Emotional Rescue. Black and Blue 1. Several of the songs on Black and Blue were taken from audition outtakes recorded when the band was looking around for a replacement for Mick Taylor. Three of the guitarists who tried out, Harvey Mandel, Wayne Perkins, and Ron Wood, had their lead guitar playing used on several tracks. Of course, Wood ended up getting the job in the band. Even with all the fancy axe men on tape, the best sounding number on the album is Crazy Mama, coincidentally the only one featuring Richards trademark guitar sound. Listen Crazy Mama. Tattoo You 1. 98. Tattoo You was put together in pieces, mainly from old, rejected, or just forgotten outtakes from the 1. One track from the early 7. Waiting on a Friend, is one of the songs the Stones just forgot about after a few early takes. Just as good is Start Me Up, which was first recorded in 1. Listen Waiting on a Friend. Decembers Children And Everybodys 1. This one was the bands third U. S. release in 1. 96. Brian Jones twelve string lead guitar on Get Off Of My Cloud is a riff youll never forget, while the exquisite, mellow As Tears Go By features only the Glimmer Twins. Listen Get Off Of My Cloud. The second U. S. release for the Stones, 1. Its All Over Now, which is full of energy. The best thing about 1. Stones plus Ian Stu Stewart who was a full time Stone at one point. Even as a bare bones rock group, these boys knew how to play together in a grand way, and it shows on this LP. Listen Its All Over Now. Voodoo Lounge 1. Voodoo Lounge has the motivated feel of a comeback album. Jaggers harmonica playing on Love is Strong is as powerful as it was years earlier on Midnight Rambler, and the band is totally on fire on I Go Wild. Listen Love is Strong. Their Satanic Majesties Request 1. Contrary to popular belief, no, this wasnt supposed to be the Stones answer to Sgt. Pepper, but yes, it is psychedelic. Weirdly, its best and freakiest, compliments of Jones Mellotron track, 2. Light Years From Home, wasnt going to be included on the album. On 2. 00. 0 Man, Jagger does a grand job of predicting what kind of problems a married man might face thirty years in the future. Listen 2. 00. 0 Light Years From Home. Out Of Our Heads 1. Seven of the twelve tunes on here are originals, with three of them, Satisfaction, The Last Time, and Play with Fire among the best the Stones ever recorded. Satisfaction is of course the song that defined the early Stones, thanks to Richards fantastic guitar riff and Jaggers immensely frustrated vocals. Listen I Cant Get No Satisfaction. The Rolling Stones, Now Another excellent early album, this ones two best are Heart of Stone, and the cover of Little Red Rooster, with Brian Jones slinky slide guitar. The best thing about The Rolling Stones, Now is the guitar interplay between Jones and Richards the pair of them originated that style of rock n roll weaving, and no one else has come close to matching it since. But theyd still be nothing without Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts, a rhythm section second to none. Listen Little Red Rooster. Aftermath 1. 96. If there was one Stones album that the gone too early Brian Jones shined the brightest on, its Aftermath. Jones plays at least twelve different instruments on this LP, including the sitar and tambura on the proto metal Paint It Black. But most of the other songs are on the mellow side, and showcase Jones skill on the dulcimer on Lady Jane and marimba Under My Thumb. Listen Paint It Black. Exile On Main Street 1. Ive been criticized by Stones fans for my thoughts on this double album, the LP many consider the bands best. I do have deep affection for some songs here like Rocks Off, Sweet Virginia, Tumbling Dice, Happy, and Rip This Joint. Had Exile been a leaner single album and not bloated with filler songs like Turd on the Run,  Stop Breaking Down, and Ventilator Blues, it might be my favorite, too. Listen Happy. 9. Its Only Rock n Roll 1. This was the last album made with Mick Taylor, though the title cut was actually written by Taylors replacement, Ron Wood, who wasnt even credited Another great one is Till the Next Goodbye, a ballad that people dont seem to know, but should. Listen Its Only Rock n Roll But I Like It. Between the Buttons 1. This one is something like Aftermath, with Brian Jones playing another ten or so different instruments on it. Ruby Tuesday in particular, sails along on Jones recorder. However, despite all the left field instrumental choices, Between the Buttons contains the usual high powered Stones rockers, like Lets Spend the Night Together. Listen Ruby Tuesday. Englands Newest Hit Makers 1. Bluetooth Signal Strength Windows 7. This was the Stones U. S. debut and a solid piece of work, start to finish. Its all covers on here, with the exception of Tell Me, which is the albums best song. ABKCO Preps 5. 0th Anniversary Box Set For The Rolling Stones Satanic Majesties RequestBUY NOW FROM AMAZON. COMThe Rolling Stones arent the first band one might think of in connection with the Summer of Love and the blossoming sound of psychedelia. Yet the Stones spent much of 1. Their Satanic Majesties Request. Wholly unique in the bands catalogue, it fused the bands gritty sensibility with psychedelic effects, more lavish instrumentation, and experimental sounds. Underscoring its nature as a conceptual work, it was also the first album by the Stones to feature identical track listings on both sides of the Atlantic. Now, this landmark if still controversial album is receiving a 5. ABKCO.   On September 2. LP2 hybrid SACD collectionfeaturing both the stereo and mono versions of every song, as newly remastered by Bob Ludwig. Their Satanic Majesties Request 5. Anniversary Special Edition is appropriately decked out with Michael Coopers original 3 D lenticular cover photograph. Following the departure of Andrew Loog Oldham midway through recording, after numerous clashes with the band, Their Satanic Majesties Request became the first self produced album from the Stones. Released in December 1. British and eighth American studio album, it arrived on the Decca label in the United Kingdom and London in the United States. Though critics were initially lukewarm, its risen in stature over the years, and has attracted cover versions from artists ranging from KISS to The Damned and Arcade Fire. During its recording, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts were joined by guests including a pre Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones providing string arrangements, plus pianist Nicky Hopkins, and background vocalists Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane of the Small Faces. Historian Rob Bowman provides the box sets new liner notes, placing the album into context of one of the bands wildest periods and making the case for it as a benchmark release as the group transitioned from edgy R B to pure rock. Shes a Rainbow a minor hit in the U. S. and 2,0. 00 Light Years from Home capture the band at their most potently psychedelic, while Citadel anticipated the harder rocking direction that would soon be embraced. Sing All This Together, Gomper, and On with the Show showcase a looser, more freeform style of songwriting and playing. In Another Land has landmark status, too, as the only Rolling Stones track both written and sung by bassist Bill Wyman. He was joined on the song by Marriott and Lane recording next door on vocals, Marriott on guitar, Hopkins on harpsichord, Watts on drums, and Mick and Keith on vocals. BUY NOW FROM AMAZON. COMTheir Satanic Majesties Request 5. Anniversary Special Edition restores Michael Coopers original lenticular cover artwork, and the discs are housed in a fold out album style numbered package with a 2. Coopers photos from the original session. As the album was originally issued in both stereo and mono, the upcoming edition will include the entire remastered album on 1. Super Audio CDs one in stereo and one in mono. Hybrid SACDs are playable in all CD players. No additional outtakes or session material has been added to this collection. Look for the special edition box on September 2. ABKCO  Pre order links are live, below The Rolling Stones, Their Satanic Majesties Request 5. Anniversary Special Edition Decca TXS 1. London NPS 2, 1. 96. ABKCO, 2. 01. 7 Amazon U. S. Amazon U. K. Amazon Canada TBDVinyl. Side A stereoSing This All Together. Citadel. In Another Land. Man. Sing This All Together See What HappensSide B stereoShes a Rainbow. The Lantern. Gomper. Light Years from Home. On with the Show. Side C monoSing This All Together. Citadel. In Another Land. Man. Sing This All Together See What HappensSide D monoShes a Rainbow. The Lantern. Gomper. Light Years from Home. On with the Show. Hybrid SACDDisc 1 stereoSing This All Together. Citadel. In Another Land. Man. Sing This All Together See What HappensShes a Rainbow. The Lantern. Gomper. Light Years from Home. On with the Show. Disc 2 monoSing This All Together. Citadel. In Another Land. Man. Sing This All Together See What HappensShes a Rainbow. The Lantern. Gomper. Light Years from Home. On with the Show. Categories News. Formats Box Sets, CD, SACD, Vinyl. Genre Classic Rock, Pop, Rock. Tags The Rolling Stones. Joe Marchese. JOE MARCHESE Editor joined The Second Disc shortly after its launch in early 2. He has contributed liner notes to reissues from a diverse array of artists, among them Paul Williams, Lesley Gore, Dusty Springfield, B. J. Thomas, The 5th Dimension, Burt Bacharach, The Mamas and the Papas, Carpenters, Perry Como, Peggy Lipton, Doris Day, and Andy Williams, and has compiled releases for talents including Robert Goulet and Keith Allison of Paul Revere and the Raiders. In 2. 00. 9, Joe began contributing theatre and music reviews to the print publication The Sondheim Review, and his work still appears with frequency in the magazine. In 2. 01. 2, he joined the staff of The Digital Bits as a regular contributor writing about film and television on DVD and Blu ray. Over the past two decades, Joe has also worked in a variety of capacities on and off Broadway as well as at some of the premier theatres in the U. S., including Lincoln Center Theater, George Street Playhouse, Paper Mill Playhouse, Long Wharf Theatre, and the York Theatre Company. He has felt privileged to work on productions alongside artists such as the late Jack Klugman, Eli Wallach, Arthur Laurents, Betty Comden and Adolph Green. In 2. 01. 5, Joe formed the Second Disc Records label. Celebrating the great songwriters, producers and artists who created the sound of American popular song, Second Disc Records, in conjunction with Real Gone Music, has released newly curated collections produced by Joe from iconic artists such as The Supremes, Melissa Manchester, Laura Nyro, Bobby Darin and Johnny Mathis, legendary producer Bob Crewe, soul legend Wilson Pickett, and many others. Joe currently resides in the suburbs of New York City.