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How to Install OS X Mountain Lion on Your PC With IAtkos 8 Steps. Once youve entered the OS X Mountain Lion installer, you will come up to a page that asks you for a destination for your Mountain Lion installation this step is shown in the first picture. If youre installing Mountain Lion on a computer that has never been turned into a Hackintosh before i. Snow Leopard or Lion installed, the hard drive selection box will be blank. Stretching Exercises Encyclopedia Ebook. Well have to fix that. To do this, start up Disk Utility, which is located under the Utilities menu in the top bar this step is shown in the second picture. You need to use Disk Utility to erase a hard drive partition so that OS X Mountain Lion can install itself on it. In the sidebar of Disk Utility, choose the hard drive partition where you want Mountain Lion installed, and erase it by using the Erase tab. You can also just erase the entire hard drive this is the preferred solution if you dont plan to dual boot Windows and Mac OS X from the same hard drive. In the screenshot below, my hard drive partition is called disk. Telecharger Windows 7 officiel et gratuit, toutes versions 32bits et 64bits, sur cl usb ou sur dvd. An existing Windows computerMacHackintosh This is the computer where you will download and set up iAtkos. Either Windows or Mac OS X will work. ATKOSML2. dmg. Virtualbox This virtualization suite is free, and though it doesnt offer official support for Mac OS X, it works well enough. Atkos ML2 Unfortunately, the. Il.png]];var lpix_1=pix_1.length;var p1_0= [[1002' alt='Drivers For Iatkos Ml2' title='Drivers For Iatkos Ml2' />Follow this step if youre setting up iAtkos on a Mac or existing Hackintosh. Plug your USB drive into Mac OS X, and open Disk Utility located in the Utilities. GB VBOX HARDDRIVE this step is shown in the third picture. When erasing, the format should be set to Mac OS Extended Journaled. You can also partition the hard disk by using Disk Utilitys Partition tab. Drivers For Iatkos Ml2' title='Drivers For Iatkos Ml2' />Drivers For Iatkos Ml2Tutoriel pour apprendre comment formater son pc portable ou pc de bureau, rinstaller windows de A Z avec le tutoriel complet. Amodorwebs. NOTES Mac OS X cannot boot from a partition thats larger than 1 TB in size, so if you have a 2 TB hard drive, you will have to partition it. Unlike the default OS X Mountain Lion installer, the i. Atkos version of the Mountain Lion installer works with MBR partitions I will post a guide about MBR partitions soon by default. If your hard disk uses the MBR partition scheme, i. Atkos will install itself onto there without the need for prior modifications. The i. Atkos version of the Mountain Lion installer also works with software RAID 0 arrays by default. If you want to set up your Hackintoshs hard disks in a RAID 0 array, simply create an array by using the Disk Utility app inside the i. Atkos installer see Step 1 of our RAID 0 guide. Atkos will install itself onto there without the need for Steps 2 5 of our RAID 0 guide I will post a guide about RAID soon. On the installation page for Mac OSX, the hard diskdisk partition should now be showing up. Select it, and then click the Customize button on the bottom left. This is where using a distro becomes really useful i. Atkos allows you to install extra Hackintosh drivers and kexts I will post a guide about kexts soon, straight from the Mac OS X Lion installer. The Customize page essentially does the same thing as Multibeast I will post a guide about the use of Multibeast soon, though the layout and most of the names of the options are different this step is shown in the fourth picture. However, choosing the right options from this page can be really tricky, so unless youre absolutely certain about which drivers and kexts you need to install for your computer, I dont recommend installing too much stuff from here. The default selection will enable Mac OS X to boot from the hard drive without any assistance it may also enable sound and ethernet in OS X. KP6XV8.png' alt='Drivers For Iatkos Ml2' title='Drivers For Iatkos Ml2' />For most computers, that will be enough at least for the initial installation. If you wish to install more, refer to my guide to Multibeast I will post a guide about the use of Multibeast soon. Otherwise, you can figure out the rest in Step 6, where youll actually set up your Hackintosh with Multibeast. After youre done with the Customize page, install Mountain Lion. This will take at least 3. Once the installation finishes, remove your i. Atkos USB driveDVD, and restart. At the boot screen, youll see an icon for the hard drive where you installed Mountain Lion. Select it use the arrow keys on your computer and press Enter. Mountain Lion will boot. Mission accomplishedThe sixth picture shows the final screen. Steam For Linux Beta Fedora on this page. Once again, if you get a kernel panicloading error when you try to boot your new Mountain Lion installation or if the installation simply wont start within 1. To enter boot flags, manually restart your computer by pressing your computers power button. Then, once youve booted back into the i. Atkos menu, try type any necessary boot flags I will post a guide about boot flags soon before pressing the enterreturn key. Check out this list of common boot flags I will post this list soon for reference PCIRoot. UID0 and x are two popular boot flags.